10 Tips For Planning Destination Weddings

10 Tips For Planning Destination Weddings

There’s nothing quite like destination weddings. Whether you choose a special spot on a beach in paradise or travel to Paris to marry in the most romantic way possible, a destination wedding is often like a dream come true. But in order to have your friends and family come together to travel somewhere special, there are all kinds arrangements that need to be made and details that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are some tips to help you when planning dream Destination Weddings.

Get tips for planning Destination Weddings to help you plan the wedding of your dreams in paradise.

1. Pick The Right Location – When planning Destination Weddings, you’ll want to think about the natural surroundings, climate and culture of the place you choose. The point of a destination wedding isn’t just to get away, it’s to get away to a place that truly represents you as couple.

2. Do your Research – Once you have settled on your ideal location, be sure to research local vendors. The Internet makes this easier than ever before but if you can, a planning/scouting trip can make things even easier. You’ll find knowing the destination up close and personal can make all the difference and will reduce the unnecessary stress that comes with traveling to a place you have never been before. If you can’t make the trip before hand, try having video chats with your vendors to get a sense of who they are. After all, you’re putting a lot in their hands, you want to make sure they are capable.

3. Be Prepared To Have A Small Turnout – While destination weddings can be comparable in price to a local wedding for the bride and groom, it won’t be so for your guests. Flights, accommodations, vacation time and other expenses add up quickly and not everyone will be prepared to shell out the cash and time for your special day. Tell your guests as early as possible by sending out save the date cards 10 months to 1 year before so they can make arrangements and try their best to attend. For some, no amount of time will be enough notice and you may have to accept their absence.

4. Timing is Every Thing – While the off-season can bring with it cheaper fares and great hotel deals, it may also bring a ton of rain or even hurricanes in some areas. Be sure to find out when is the best time to travel to your chosen location and book it long enough in advance to avoid inflated prices.

5. Make It Legal – Make sure to find out what the legal requirements are of tying the knot in another country. Some places will require you to reside in the country for at least a few days before exchanging nuptials.

6. Get Organized & Get Help – Organizational skills are important for any wedding but when it comes to destination weddings, they become twice as vital. From flights and hotels, to working with vendors long distance, it can become overwhelming very quickly. Hiring a wedding planner that resides in your destination is highly recommended but with or without a planner, be sure to keep a wedding planning binder with all your details, contacts, and schedules in one place. Many resorts also have an on site wedding coordinator so be sure to take advantage and find out if one is available.

7. Dress Appropriately – Don’t forget to keep the climate in mind when choosing your dress and the attire of your wedding party. A thick silk gown with a long train may be the dress of your dreams but if destination weddings are in the tropics you might want something more light and flowing to keep cool. The same goes you’re your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Let’s face it, a tuxedo in the heat is just cruel. Try something more natural and comfortable like a simple white shirt under a more casual vest.

8. Don’t Forget The Details – Like any wedding, it’s the little things that come together to create the wow factor. With a destination wedding there are many ways to incorporate the style of the area into your event. Do some research and find ways to add culture to your floral arrangements, colors, menu and more. Or, if you’re a couple that loves travelling in general, you can choose details to celebrate that passion with your guests.  

9. Make It About More Than Just The Wedding – With destination weddings, there are all kinds of opportunities to enjoy local culture and entertainment during your travels. The trip should be about more than the wedding day itself. On the off days you can incorporate activities to help your guests enjoy the true experience of the area and make memories to last a lifetime.

10. Start Planning Early – It’s never too early to start planning Destination Weddings. If you’re recently engaged, or even think you might be soon and have talked about a destination wedding, the time to get started is NOW.

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