Woman holding wildflowers bouquet in straw bag, walking in flower field on sunset.

10 Ways to Celebrate Wildflower Week

Eye-catching as they may be, wildflowers aren’t just a sight to see — they also play an important role in the balance of biodiversity, from feeding important pollinators to providing shelter for bugs and other living things. Since the first week of May is National Wildflower Week, we put together a few ideas for how to celebrate.

Let these 10 ways to celebrate National Wildflower Week inspire you to grow more love for our Earth!

We promise you’ll be positively buzzing with joy when you’re done.

Plant wildflower seed paper or seed bombs

planting seed bombs from Botanical PaperWorks

Give yourself a great excuse to get outside and boost your mood by playing in the dirt while planting seed paper or seed bombs.

The Botanical PaperWorks standard wildflower seed paper blend has 6 different wildflower seed types that are non-GMO, non-invasive, and naturally found across North America. When you plant the paper in soil, the paper composts away, while the flowers grow and bloom.

Draw or paint your own wildflowers

drawing wildflowers for national wildflower week

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with an illustrated portrait of vibrant wildflower blooms to brighten up your living space or to give as a gift! If you want to get extra creative, try drawing on plantable paper sheets made from recycled paper waste. We recommend dry mediums such as pencil crayons, as wet mediums tend to bleed.

Learn about native and non-native wildflowers

clarkia wildflowers that grow from Botanical PaperWorks seed paper

Have you ever heard of neutral non-native wildflowers? They’re also called naturalized, meaning they’re growing in harmony with their new environment causing no harm to biodiversity. In other words, they’re non-invasive. Non-native and invasive are easy to mix up, but it’s important to note the difference! If you’re curious about learning more, read here.

Visit a botanical garden

botanical gardens at The Leaf in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Image Source: assinaboinepark.ca

Call a friend or parent and invite them out for a stroll through some blooms in your local botanical garden. You can visit and feel relaxed surrounded by nature.

Make pressed wildflower crafts

pressed wildflower crafts with Botanical PaperWorks seed paper

There’s something totally nostalgic about crafting with dried wildflowers. Some project ideas include wax seal invitations, wildflower place cards, or framed wildflowers to hang as artwork. Check out our Instagram tutorial here.

Take and share photos of wildflowers

taking pictures of wildflowers

Replace your desktop or smartphone background with a photograph from nature that you took on your own. Now you have a piece of the wild with you wherever you go!

Choose the no-mow lifestyle and re-wild your yard

woman picking lupine flowers from a garden

More than just a fun excuse for skipping lawn-cutting chores, the No Mow Movement started with a vision to “rewild” spaces and support biodiversity in your own backyard. Learn more about the movement here.

Be friendly to beneficial insects

a lady bug crawling on a daisy flower

Pollinators are not the only insects you want in your garden to keep your flowers happy! Pest controllers such as ladybugs are also good to have around. Learn about other beneficial bugs here.

Put together a wildflower bouquet

a bouquet of wildflowers

Be careful and avoid picking any species that are endangered. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out this wildflower bouquet tutorial here.

Write a poem about wildflowers

writing poetry in a field

Go for a bike ride with your notebook and get creative with some wildflower poetry wordplay. Here are a few on aestheticpoems.com to inspire you!


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