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10 Ways To Share Custom Branded Soap Promotions

In your search for new and interesting promo ideas, you’ve stumbled across custom-branded handmade soaps and are curious about the idea of pitching them to your clients or using them in your company’s next project.

Maybe you’re drawn to handmade soap because of its benefits to the earth and the skin, or maybe you’re looking forward to a branded gift that stands out from t-shirts and pens.

Handmade soap is a gift that almost everyone will find useful. That means freedom and flexibility to apply this promo gift to almost any theme. Especially right now, when staying clean in an eco-friendly way is on peoples’ minds, with so much PPE going into the world’s landfills.

Here are some examples for your clients to get ideas flowing:

1. In a virtual event promo kit

Bring the physical experience of the event to your attendees with a virtual event promotional kitting gift that connects with their senses. They’ll be drawn in by the warm lavender, soothing lemongrass, or refreshing grapefruit handmade soaps. Add a card that’ll make them feel welcome and a package of snacks to enjoy during panels or webinars.

2. As a home service thank you giveaway

Follow-up a home renovation or cleaning service with a gift basket of home goods, including soap bars, that they can use around their spruced-up space.

3. As an in-person event gift

Instead of a pin or pen that they might lose on their way home, scented handmade soap promotions stand out from your typical event giveaway. Make handing out the soaps easier by adding on a muslin bag.

4. As a free gift incentive

Elevate the experience of signing up for a subscription or membership. When customers take part, offer them a library box branded soap gift set as a way of saying your brand cares about wellness, health, and the earth. Plus, it’s exciting getting to try 4 different artisanal soap blends and plant the seed paper wrappers after!

5. In a goodie bag

Go beyond expectations with an event goodie bag that considers attendees’ need for snacks as much as their need for keeping clean. Bars of handmade soap go well with chocolates, a stainless steel water bottle, beer cozy, and other items they’ll find a use for at home or when going out.

6. As an employee appreciation gift

Reward your team with a deluxe box set of three artisanal handmade soaps. They’ll appreciate the thought and practical giveaway. Bonus: it’s already wrapped delightfully in a plantable seed paper wrapping that gives the gift of gardening. In addition, the box itself is made out of recycled and compostable materials.

7. For brand ambassador welcome packages

Encourage new brand ambassadors to spread positive reviews about your brand with a memorable welcome package. A bar of scented handmade soap brings a sensory element to the gift, as well as a bonus surprise of plantable paper they can start a garden of wildflowers with. It’s a practical item they’ll appreciate alongside free samples of brand merchandise.

8. In welcome-to-the-team employee packages

Put together a collection of things employees will need for their first day at work. Make it more special by including calming items that will help them focus. The handmade soap with a dish, instead of a bottle of plastic hand sanitizer for their office. Add a mug for their morning coffee, a small plant, a candle, and a welcome card for a warm introduction.

9. Client appreciation gifts

After a project or contract ends with a client, send them a gift that shows appreciation for their business. Send a simple thank you card and library box of soaps, so they can test a variety of artisanal scents. Or put together a curated kit with assorted goodies and a custom-branded handmade soap bar. This concept works just as well with real-estate closing gifts. You could also tuck in a bottle of wine or seed paper herb calendar that they can plant and grow into fresh herbs for home cooking.

10. As a self-care or wellness-themed gift

Made with soothing essential oils, handmade soaps are the perfect pair for places where people go to relax such as yoga studios, spas, or massage therapy clinics. Since wellness ties into overall health, these work with fitness-related brands such as gyms or country clubs as well. For wellness brands with a luxury feel, the deluxe branded soap gift set is a perfect fit.

Ready to order custom-branded soap promotions?

It’s easy! Here’s how to get started.

1. Choose your soap gift type

Depending on your budget and the occasion, you might want individual soap bars to add to a gift package, or a box set to give away as a stand-alone gift. Half-thick bars might be better as a lightweight option, or full-thick ones may be the bigger impression you’re looking for.

2. Contact our team for setup

Once you’ve decided on your soap promotion, email or call our customer service team. They’ll help you add your logo to your selection and review the proof before it’s sent to print.

3. Done!

Got your proof approved? That’s it! Now, your order is ready to ship, and you’ll be making a sudsy, memorable impression in no time.

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