3 Ways To Promote Your Business During The Holiday Season

3 Important Ways To Promote Your Business During The Holiday Season

Most people love the holiday season because it’s a great time to connect with family and friends. On a business level, the same is true except the connections you make are what help build your business. If you’re looking for ways to promote your brand and make valuable connections during the holiday season, these 3 important ideas below are a great place to start.

1. Share a personalized holiday greeting

Plantable business holiday greetings send a positive message that will help build brand awareness and client relationships.

It might seem like a small thing but sending business holiday cards to your valued clients, customers, and colleagues can actually do a lot to benefit your brand. By taking the time and effort to reach out and thank your contacts for their support and wish them the best for the holidays, you will show appreciation and strengthen your important business relationships.

It’s also a great opportunity to spread a positive message about your brand. For example, plantable seed paper business holiday cards send a message that you care about the environment and want to have a positive impact on the planet. This idea resonates with people, and the idea that they can plant the card in soil and watch it grows allows them to connect with your brand in a unique way that will get noticed. You might even get additional exposure if they post the idea on social media.

There are tons of customizable designs available, and you can even choose plantable holiday postcards if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly that will still have a big impact.

2. Host a branded event

Host a branded event with seed paper touches to send a positive message to attendees that will help you build business relationships.

Whether it’s an informal gathering where you invite clients to visit the office for snacks, a customer appreciation event to increase store traffic, or perhaps a staff party to celebrate a great year—events are an important part of doing good business. Not only do they help foster relationships, but they are also a great opportunity to build your brand by showing personality and core values. In the case of corporate holiday parties, they can also do wonders for your company culture which has a direct effect on the success of your business.

So when it comes to the planning, don’t overlook the details. Think of every aspect of your events as an opportunity to show attendees who you are as a brand. If it’s a message of positivity, hope and environmental awareness you want to send, try incorporating waste-free ideas branded with your logo such as coasters, wine tags, and tent cards for table tops. It will help reduce negative effects and instead spread something positive for the planet.

3. Give a logoed gift

for the recipients and gain yourself a place in the their mind that is positive and respected.  Corporate gifts like plantable stationery and calendars featuring your branding will help build brand recognition and loyalty.

Although they may seem like an unnecessary expense, corporate gifts are actually more than just gifts. Think of them more as strategic branding opportunities.

While personally, you may give gifts to friends and family purely out of kindness, the business world is a bit different. You want to give gifts that will not only show appreciation but will also say something about your brand and benefit your business. That’s why gifts used over a longer period of time and items that have your logo and branding on it have the biggest impact.

While sending a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates is a great idea that your clients will love to receive, it won’t do much for your business past the point of the client receiving it. Items like that may even get mixed in with others, and the recipient may forget who it came from by the time they enjoy it. Corporate gifts with your logo such as branded notebooks, journals, and corporate calendars, that are used for months to come will build brand awareness and customer loyalty. By making them plantable, you can get the benefit of that recognition and give them an extra gift that grows into wildflowers or herbs. It’s a great way to create an experience for the recipients and gain yourself a place in their mind that is positive and respected.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

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