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3 Seed Paper Craft Ideas

What do crafting and gardening have in common?

Well when all is said and done, they are both about more than the final result. It’s the process and technique that soothes the soul and brings us to our happy place. This post is about taking both of those passions and bringing them together for an even better experience!

At Botanical PaperWorks, paper is our passion but so is the environment. We hate to create excess waste, so when it comes to paper crafting, we use seed paper. Not only does it take your project to the next level, but it doesn’t leave waste behind. Cause let’s face it, most craft projects aren’t meant to be kept long and will likely end up in the trash, especially if they are for party decor purposes. With seed paper, you can actually plant the paper after you are finished with it so you get to make and GROW all kinds of good things.

Take a look at these pretty seed paper craft ideas to get you started:

Seed Paper Heart Backdrop

Seed paper crafts are for dressing up a drab wall for a bridal or baby shower. And when the event is over, you can plant them to grow wildflowers!
(french blue, berry purple pink and white seed paper shown)

Dress up a drab wall with this cute craft idea using heart cutouts for bridal or baby showers. Using a die cutter, heart punch or printing this template onto seed paper, cut out as many heart shapes as you like in your desired color scheme. Then attach the hearts to a string by placing one heart behind the string, dabbing the glue over the string and sealing it with another heart overtop. Rotate the colors or make them all the same, whatever your creative brain desires! Then, after your event has passed you can remove the heart shapes and plant a garden of wildflowers by planting the hearts in soil.

Seed Paper Flowers

These seed paper flowers add a beautiful touch to any event decor and when you're done with them, you can plant the seed paper crafts to grow REAL wildflowers!
(lavender, purple, white and emerald seed paper shown)

If you’re looking for some creative decor for your home, a wedding or perhaps just love crafting, then you’ll love these beautiful DIY seed paper flowers. Plantable paper is thick and works great for moulding the petals and leaves so you’ll love working with it. And the best part is that after you’re done with them, you can plant them to grow REAL wildflowers.

Learn how to make them here!

Seed Paper Origami Heart

These origami hearts are fun seed paper crafts to make and even more fun to plant after.
(bright red seed paper shown with cream and pink heart-shaped eco confetti)

These eco-friendly origami seed paper hearts can be used for candy, gift cards or love letters while giving recipients a bonus gift that grows! A simple and beautiful craft for all skill levels, they are fun to make and even more fun to plant after.

Learn how to make them here!

Planting The Paper

When you're done with your seed paper crafts, don't throw them away. Instead, plant them in a pot of soil or a garden to grow colorful wildflowers.
After the crafting fun is over and you no longer need your creation, you can plant the seed paper in a pot of soil or a garden to grow colorful wildflowers. Simply place the seed paper under 1/8″ of soil and water it thoroughly. Keep it moist in a sunny spot and watch the seeds sprout and grow. You can also try herb or veggie seed paper if you prefer to grow something you can cook with. Happy Planting!

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At Botanical PaperWorks, paper is our passion, but so it the environment. Our eco-friendly seed paper can be planted to grow wildflowers, herbs or veggies and leaves no waste behind!

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