5 Alternatives To Balloons For Eco-friendly Parties

Balloons may be an easy, fun, and classic way to celebrate but when you think about the effects they can have on the environment – are they really worth it? We don’t think so, especially when there are tons of other creative decorating ideas out there that that won’t end up interrupting ecosystems and harming wildlife. Dr. Jenn Lavers, a biologist at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, says she finds balloons in about one in 20 of every seabird! (Source smh.com.au)

Here are 5 Alternatives to Balloons to make your next party more eco-friendly:

1.) Paper flowers

Check out these paper flowers and other alternatives to balloons for eco-friendly parties!
Although, time-consuming to make, paper flowers for a backdrop wall, table centerpieces or entryways are visually stunning. They are perfect for weddings, showers, and other garden-inspired events. You can even make them with seed paper so that you can plant them in soil after to grow flowers instead of tossing them. You can also try repurposing paper from old maps or books.

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2.) Pinwheels

Make these seed paper pinwheels and see other alternatives to balloons for eco-friendly parties!
Made with biodegradable paper and paper straws pinwheels are a festive decoration that won’t float away or sit in a landfill for years to come. You can compost uncoated paper, and if you use seed paper to make them, you can plant the pinwheels to grow a wildflower garden after.

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3.) Bunting

Learn about this eco-friendly party banner bunting and other alternatives to balloons at parties.
Bunting is a great way to decorate your walls and create a focal point at your party. Just be sure to make sure it’s made with biodegradable materials and eco-friendly water-based inks.

Check out this Plantable & Eco-friendly Party Banner Bunting

4.) Eco-friendly Bubbles

Bubbles are a fun alternative to balloon releases.
Bubbles are a fun addition to any party; people of all ages love them, and they look so pretty floating around in photos. Just be sure to buy or make non-toxic bubble mix that is eco-friendly. Here is a recipe.

5.) Tissue Paper Pompoms

Check out these paper pompoms and other eco-friendly alernative to balloons for party planning.
(Image source: thoughtfullysimple.com)

Paper is always a better choice than plastics, and these paper pompoms look even better than balloons. Tissue paper is usually made out of recycled paper and can be composted as long as it doesn’t have metal flecks in it.

Learn how to make tissue paper pompoms

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