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5 Main Reasons Clients Use Seed Paper Promotional Products

Over the years, the Botanical PaperWorks team has had the chance to speak one-on-one with distributors and clients at various promotional product shows both in Canada and abroad. Hundreds of clients and distributors have visited our booths to learn about seed paper promotional products and while they are always excited about the concept of plantable paper, we found sometimes distributors weren’t sure how to pitch it for business.

Several distributors have said, “I love your products, but I’m just not sure how to sell them to my clients?” We replied by sharing a few main reasons clients have come to us and showing some specific seed paper examples. There is always a clear “Aha moment” every time when they seemed to start seeing the products in a new, more marketable way. That’s when we decided we had to share this with more customers!

To help both clients and distributors understand how seed paper promotions can work for them and grow ideas, we have put together an in-depth look at the main reasons clients use seed paper followed by real-world examples.

Here are 5 Main Reasons Clients Use Seed Paper Promotions:

1. To communicate a commitment to good environmental practices

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Corporate Sustainability is a business approach that creates value by incorporating green values into how a business operates. Being an eco-friendly business is becoming more and more important in today’s world because we’re seeing serious environmental concerns.

If your organization is committed to environmental practices, communicating that to the world is can be very beneficial. Seed paper promotions do that in an interactive way that actually benefits the Earth. The medium becomes a big part of the message which makes it an excellent way to communicate your values.

Example: BMS Trading used Seed Paper Money at an exhibition to communicate their sustainability mission to “Partner with the consumer in contributing to the sustainability of our planet.” The clever marketing tool also acted as a coupon for attendees who stopped by their booth and delivered their message with a big impact.

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2. To communicate the concept of growing

plantable seed paper matchstick promotional products

Whether your mission is about growing and working together, community development, organizational growth, or even financial investments, one of the most effective ways to use seed paper is by tying your message into the symbolic nature of the product. Since seed paper promotional products grow when planted in soil, the plantable paper can help your business tell a story when paired with the right creative concept making it a clever marketing tool.

Example: Prospera Credit Union used Herb Seed Paper Matchbooks to build brand awareness and promote their sponsorship of a cycling tour that promoted locally-grown food. This directly tied to  their mission “To help our communities grow stronger.”

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3. To encourage positive action from employees, stakeholders, and customers

seed paper promotional bookmarks

Sometimes a business or organization wants to spread a message that calls for action, and seed paper is an excellent way to do that. By partnering with the recipients to spread wildflowers that benefit the environment, you can have an impact and send a powerful message.

Example: Shaw Communications Inc. used an Eco Bookmark with a Plantable Earth Shape to encourage employees and customers to participate in Earth Day activities. It also helped give recipients a way to make a difference in their own backyards by giving them seed paper to plant and grow habitats for important pollinators.

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4. To get noticed with something different

plantable seed paper shape

Even though Botanical PaperWorks has been in business making seed paper for decades, it’s still a relatively new concept that gets a lot of attention. Most of the clients that visited our booth on End-user Day at the PPPC National Convention couldn’t believe that the paper was made with seeds and that it could be planted. We got to see their excitement first hand, and their reactions reminded us just how unique and interesting this product is. If you want to get noticed with something different, seed paper is a great way to do that!

Example: Monitor Creative, a business that specializes in advertising, design, and marketing, used a Seed Paper Bee Shape to catch the eyes of marketing managers in a direct-mail campaign.

Read the full case study!

5. They want to focus on the positive aspects of their brand

promotional product seed paper panel card

Some businesses or organizations may be trying to charge brand perception and want to bring attention to some of the friendlier aspects of their product or business.

Example: An oil company advertising their support for renewable energy or “attempting to draw focus away from oil production and toward friendlier pictures of the uses of energy in daily life” from this article.

Looking at these 5 main reasons from our clients and the many promotional campaigns Botanical PaperWorks been a part of, the most effective way to use seed paper promotions comes down to understanding your objective and using creative messaging and/or powerful imagery to deliver that message. As a paper product, seed paper is incredibly universal and can be customized to help meet objectives and get real results.

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