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5 Must Haves For An Eco-friendly Wedding

Can you believe that the average wedding produces 400-600 LBS of garbage and 66 TONS of C02? With so many creative ways out there to make your wedding beautiful without being wasteful, those numbers are shockingly high. If you’re planning a wedding or anniversary party, consider the impact your event will have on the planet at every step of your planning process to do some good for the environment and be a part of a revolution of green weddings.

Here are the Top 5 Things To Consider When Planning an Eco-friendly Wedding:

Recycled Wedding Invitations

Choosing recycled wedding invitations are just one of the many ways to reduce waste when planning an eco-friendly wedding.

You don’t need glossy paper and fancy metallic inks to celebrate your love in style. There are tons of eco-friendly wedding invitations to choose from that not only look beautiful, but do something beautiful for the environment. For example, the seed paper wedding invitations shown above from Botanical PaperWorks are made from recycled materials that are infused with wildflower seeds so the paper is plantable. Friends and family can actually plant them in soil and grow wildflowers that will help build habitats for bees and butterflies.

Repurposed/Upcycled Decor

Repurpose something old into something new for your wedding to save money and help the planet.(Upcycled candlesticks made from vintage spindles from

Repurposing materials for your wedding will save you money and the Earth from unnecessary excess waste. With a little creativity and time, you can take something old and make it new again! There are tons of ideas for everything from your centerpieces to your seating charts, which reuse materials you might find at home or at a garage sale.

Check out these 10 Wedding Upcycles To Save You Money And Reduce Waste

Zero-Waste Wedding Favors

Zero-waste wedding favors such as pretty gifts of plantable seed paper are a great way to thank your guest while cutting back on the waste produced by your wedding.

Wedding favors are a wonderful way to thank your guests for supporting you on your wedding day, but sadly, there are one of the biggest contributors to waste. Even if it’s something edible, it’s generally that packaging that creates a ton of excess waste. Consider something that will biodegrade without leaving any waste behind such as seed paper wedding favors that actually give back to the Earth and share a gift of plants with your guests. They are unique, beautiful and customizable so you can add whatever message you like.

Local Cuisine

Serving farm fresh local foods is one of the key elements to planning an eco-friendly wedding. You'll save the Earth from emissions and help support local farmers!When planning your menu, think about what food are in season and found locally, so you don’t have to ship things in and increase the carbon footprint of your wedding. If you don’t know where to start, consult with your caterer and make sure they know local ingredients are important to you. You can even incorporate fresh locally farmed products into your wedding favors such as jars of honey or freshly picked fruit. Guests will love them, and you’ll support the local economy. Win-win!

Natural Details

Look to nature to decorate for your eco-friendly wedding. With a little creativity, you can save money and help reduce waste. (Rustic wood rounds found on

Natural elements such as stones, wildflowers, wood rounds, leaves, or beeswax candles, are all beautiful touches that won’t leave any waste behind. They’ll also add a warm and earthy feeling to your event that you and your guests will love to be surrounded by. Plus, it doesn’t cost anything to use what nature has to offer! Pinecones, branches, wild berries; there is a world of ideas just outside your door.

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Browse through seed paper wedding collections by

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