5 Reasons to Grow Fresh Herbs at Home

5 Reasons to Grow Fresh Herbs at Home

From Parsley Pesto to this tasty Kale and Rice Salad, your favorite recipes will be even more delicious when you use herbs from your very own garden. Fresh herbs are incredibly easy to grow year-round and we absolutely love pulling a sprig of this or a pinch of that straight from the plant.

Here are 5 great reasons to grow your own herbs:

1. They’re Better for You – When you grow your own produce, you can be confident that the plants are free of pesticides and other chemicals. Plus, unlike store-bought produce, strangers haven’t had their hands in your herbs!

2. You’ll Save Money – Fresh herbs can be pricey and organic herbs are even pricier. When you grow your own herbs, you’ll save money and always have them on hand when you need them. No more rush trips to the store!

3. Fresh Herbs Taste Better – When you pick a fresh leaf of basil straight from the plant, the taste can’t be beat. A quick tip: Never wash fresh herbs, the water can remove flavor.

4. They Look Beautiful – Fresh herbs look fantastic next to the kitchen sink, on a windowsill or planted in your garden.

5. They Smell Amazing – Adding a pot of fresh herbs to your kitchen will help purify the air and bring a wonderful aroma to the room. Whether it’s fresh oregano or rosemary, there’s something so comforting about the smell of fresh herbs.

On top of the benefits listed above, it’s just plain fun to cook with your own homegrown herbs.

Herbs grown from seed paper from Botanical PaperWorks

Here are some easy drink recipes to get you started made with herbs grown from seed paper

Nutritious Strawberry Basil Smoothies (LEFT) and Cinnamon Basil Mojitos, (RIGHT)

Cinnimon Basil Mojito made with herbs grown from Cinnamon Basil Holiday Matchstick Garden by Botanical PaperWorks Strawberry Basil Smoothie made with fresh herbs grown from seed paper by Botanical PaperWorks

Interested in growing your own herb garden? Our Pocket Garden, Grow-A-Garden Plantable Seed Calendar or Tri-Herb Seed Paper can get you off to a great start!

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