5 Seed Paper Wedding Favors For Our Favorite Style Themes

One of the best things about having a wedding is getting the chance to not only see all of your friends and family, but to also be able to share a significant part of your life with them. Getting married is one of the most memorable moments in your life and sharing it with loved ones is a wonderful way to let them see a special part of you and your fiancé. Because weddings are so personal and individual, the theme and colour choices can be a reflection or you and your fiancé since each component is created from your distinct tastes as a couple. If you’re looking to incorporate eco-friendly components into your wedding while matching your desired theme, seed paper wedding favors are the perfect choice.

Find out which eco-friendly and stylish seed paper wedding favors match up with your chosen theme!

Find out which stylish & eco-friendly seed paper wedding favors will best match your chosen wedding theme!

Created from handmade plantable paper, each seed paper wedding favor is embedded with high quality NON-GMO seeds that blossom into either wildflowers or herbs when planted in a pot or garden. The beauty of Botanical PaperWorks seed paper wedding favors is that we have a wide range of styles and designer colours to match beautifully with all kinds of wedding themes. Whether you’re getting married in a rustic outdoor location, a whimsical garden or a luxurious hotel, these wedding favors will align beautifully with your style while giving guests a symbolic gift that will grow good things.

Match the perfect #weddingfavors for your #garden-inspired wedding! These eco-friendly options will grow when planted and leave NO waste behind!

If your dream wedding includes fresh and fragrant florals in an enchanting garden location, these favors will compliment your theme in a stunning and eco-friendly way. With the beautiful floral designs, the Grow Together Wildflower Seed Packet Wedding Favors will showcase your love for fresh blooms in an elegant way. Made with eco-friendly materials, guests can scatter the seeds to plant wildflowers in memory of your spectacular garden-inspired wedding.

1) Grow Together Wildflower Seed Packet Wedding Favors – Found on botanicalpaperworks.com

2) Wall of flowers – Found on Pinterest via bajanwed.com

3) Dancing and dining – Found on Pinterest via bajanwed.com

4) Floral wedding cake – Found on Pinterest via collincowieweddings.com

Learn which carefully selected #seedpaper #weddingfavors will best match your #country chic style! Completely eco-friendly and stylish, these favors all grow wildflowers when planted!

With the old barns, cowboy boots, hay bails and rustic wood grain details, country-chic weddings are undeniably charming and enchanting. If your idea of the perfect wedding includes these elements, the earthy Herb Rustic Wedding Favors are a wonderful choice for gifts to your loved ones. Made with desert storm card stock, this wedding favor includes a charming heart-shaped seed paper piece that grows herbs when planted in a pot or garden.

1) Herb Rustic Wedding Favors – Found on botanicalpaperworks.com

2) Hay-bails wedding sign – Found on Pinterest via stylemepretty.com

3) Sunflower and burlap – Found on Pinterest via lovemydress.com

4) Plaid shirt over tulle wedding dress – Found on Pinterest via weddingpartyapp.com

Find out which #seedpaper #weddingfavors will best match up with your #beach wedding theme! Eco-friendly and stylish, these products will actually benefit the earth!

Beach weddings are always beautiful and picture-perfect and any oceanside is one of the most spectacular wedding destinations. If you want to pay tribute to the exotic elements of this wedding theme, the Plantable Shell Pastel Favor is a sweet and eco-friendly choice. Designed for beach weddings, this favor includes a seed paper shell shape that grows wildflowers when planted in a pot or garden. A blooming memento of a tropical destination wedding, this favor also leaves no waste behind.

1) Plantable Shell Pastel Favor – Found on botanicalpaperworks.com

2) Tropical tabletop – Found on Pinterest via dearpearlflowers.com

3) Beach wedding scenery – Found on Pinterest via colincowieweddings.com

4) Bride and groom – Found on Pinterest via happywedd.com

Learn which #seedpaper #weddingfavors will align with your chosen #vintage wedding theme!

Classy and elegant, a touch of vintage flare always makes for a stunning wedding theme. If your upcoming wedding style is incorporating these elements, the Chalkboard Heart Confetti Favor will be beautifully complimentary. Made with eco-friendly packaging, this favor includes a handful of uniquely textured seed paper confetti that your guests can plant in a pot or garden to grow wildflowers.

1) Chalkboard Heart Confetti Favor – Found on botanicalpaperworks.com

2) Mint candles – Found on Pinterest via en.paperblog.com

3) Art deco tabletops – Found on Pinterest via mavenbride.com

4) 1920’s-inspired bride – Found on Pinterest via stylemepretty.com

If you're planning a #rusticwedding, find out which #seedpaper #weddingfavors will compliment the theme and gift your guests a plantable gift for the garden.

Rustic weddings have become one of the most popular themes for the past few years because the style is trendy yet timeless. With natural touches and neutral, earthy shades, these weddings are for the couples who see the most beauty in the simple things. To add even more of these elements to your wedding, the Rustic Herb Seed Paper Matchbooks are ideal favors for you. Each matchbook contains 20 sticks of herb seed paper that your guests can plant in a pot or garden. A blend of basil, parsely and oregano will grow as the paper composts away leaving no waste behind.

1) Rustic Herd Seed Paper Matchbooks – Found on botanicalpaperworks.com

2) Rustic centerpieces – Found on Pinterest via knotsvilla.com

3) Wooden directions – Found on Pinterest via weddingchicks.com

4) Newlywed embrace – Found on Pinterest via stylemepretty.com

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