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5 Unconventional Wedding Ideas

From the gift registry to the white dress to something borrowed and blue, it’s easy to spend days fussing over wedding traditions. That’s why some couples are switching it up. Who says you need all the trappings of convention anyway? As long as you and your significant other are happy with how the ceremony and reception unfold, you should let yourself do whatever you want. Wear a red wedding dress. Get hitched under a bridge. Or consider one of these 5 Unconventional Wedding Ideas:

1. A breakaway bouquet

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According to an old wives tale, brides used to toss their bouquets to avoid getting their dresses ripped by women who wanted good luck. Nowadays, the lucky woman who snags the bouquet is thought to be the next one to get married. There are a few reasons to ditch this tradition. Crowing around and fighting for the bouquet is, in some respects, awkward, embarrassing and mean for the single women involved. Some may not have any intentions of getting married, which is their private business. The one who catches the bouquet and wants to get married in the future is put in an uncomfortable position—as anyone who dances with her may be perceived as a potential partner. Breakaway bouquets are a quick fix. Keep the playful toss without singling anyone out. 

2. The bridal blazer

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Say goodbye to long lacy trains and poufy tulle that makes it hard to use the restroom. Bridal blazers and pants are fashionable, modern and versatile, fit for a wedding that breaks the rules in all the right ways. You’ll walk down the aisle and down the stairs without worrying about tripping on a big dress. Wear a lacy tank underneath your blazer for a quick, cooling-off trick during the post-wedding dance party.

3. Mixed-gender wedding party

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Leaving your friends out isn’t fun or necessary. Call them groom’s gals or brides guys, whatever works. It’s your day, after all. Co-ordinate the tuxes and dresses with complementary colours and patterns. Black suits paired with little black dresses, deep navy suits with floor-length navy ballgowns. Or put them all in tuxes or dresses. Hey, it’s 2020, anything goes.

4. Two-piece bridesmaids dresses

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Semi-formal tops and skirts are versatile, fitting for other events after the wedding. Plus, the ensembles are comfortable and complementary to various body types. It’s practical, fashion-forward and beautiful. For a true surprise, get skirts with pockets to give your bridal team quick access to their phone cameras and lipstick during the ceremony.

5. A loved one as the officiant

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At a non-denominational wedding ceremony, there’s room to invite whoever you choose to officiate the marriage. Close friends and family make for helpful wedding officiates. You may feel more comfortable reciting your wedding vow in front of someone who knows you well and wants the best for you. They may even laugh at your inside jokes or shed a tear when you do (if they are the emotional type.) Certain online non-denominational ministry websites have ordainment request forms, but contact your province’s or state’s local marriage authority to ensure the process is legal. You don’t want to end up legally unmarried because you forgot to read the fine print.

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