5 Ways To Incorporate Seed Paper Confetti Into Your Wedding

Besides the happy memories and a belly filled with creamy, dreamy cake, most couples want their beloved wedding guests to leave their big day with a special token of their love and appreciation. Besides the traditional wedding favors, another fabulous treat to give to your friends and family is Seed Paper Confetti. Whether tucked into cards, placed elegantly around your tables or used as colourful garland decorations, this special eco-friendly confetti is a fun gift for everyone because it’s made from biodegradable materials and can be planted to grow a gorgeous garden of wildflowers. The possibilities are truly endless with Seed Paper Confetti and we’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite ways to incorporate it into your wedding, including a couple uses before the big day even arrives!

Seed Paper Confetti Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Boxes

Fill a chic box with white and cream Seed Paper Confetti and include a heartfelt note asking your best friends to be a part of your wedding.

Your wedding day will never be the same if you don’t have your very best friend by your side. For a sweet and eco-friendly Maid of Honor proposal, write a sincere, heartfelt note to your favourite friend and tuck it in an tree-friendly box filled with Seed Paper Confetti. We love the look of the white, cream and petalled pieces for a chic and feminine look to the gift box. After accepting the most important friendship proposal, your Maid of Honor will be able to plant the confetti pieces in soil. Whenever she looks at her blooming garden of wildflowers, she’ll be reminded of her incredible friendship with you.

Celebratory Seed Paper Confetti

Instead of the traditional rice or bubbles, have your wedding guests throw colourful and plantable Seed Paper Confetti as you take your first journey as a married couple!

In lieu of the traditional rice and bubbles, have your wedding guests toss celebratory Seed Paper Confetti as you and your new spouse make your first walk as a married couple. Not only will it add colour and festive flair to your big day, but since it’s made from biodegradable materials, the confetti will compost away leaving a bed of wildflowers wherever it was tossed. To learn more about this adorable wedding idea, take a look at this post. You’ll also find a free printable for the gorgeous cones featured in the photo above!

Seed Paper Confetti For Outdoor Weddings

One of the best uses for Seed Paper Confetti is by sprinking them on the grass for outdoor weddings. They will compost away leaving a gorgeous garden of wildflowers!

One of the best possible uses for eco-friendly Seed Paper Confetti is to sprinkle different coloured pieces on the grass at outdoor weddings. During the spring and summer months, these gorgeous pieces will add vibrant colour to the grass and since they’re made from post-consumer biodegradable materials, you’ll feel great knowing that they’ll compost away leaving a bed of wildflowers. We love the purple, orange and green shades of the confetti pieces pictured above, but there are a variety of colours available so you’re sure to find shades that match your wedding style!

Seed Paper Confetti Wedding Favors

This DIY Wedding Confetti Favor is an easy and beautiful way to incorporate eco-friendly Seed Paper Confetti into your big day!

Instead of spending a fortune on wasteful products, gift your wedding guests with these perfectly packaged DIY Confetti Favors. As seen in It’s Love Magazine, these gorgeous Seed Paper Confetti Favors are easy to make and include a free printable to help you create the most beautiful, eco-friendly and cost-effective wedding favor for your guests. Filled with eco-friendly heart-shaped confetti, they’ll love being able to take their gifts home to plant and grow wildflowers as a cherished memory of your wedding. Download the free printable here!

Seed Paper Confetti Bridal Notes

Ask your best friends the most important question of all with these gorgeous Seed Paper Confetti-filled Cards!

Ask your best friends the most important question of all with these gorgeous Will You Be My Bridesmaid and Will You Be My Maid Of Honor Bridal Notes. We made these eco-friendly by printing them on seed paper and using plantable seed envelopes, which also provides a unique texture and feel to the gorgeous printable. And to make them extra beautiful and special, we tucked pieces of different coloured Seed Paper Confetti so recipients can plant them to grow a garden of wildflowers after they happily accept your best-friend wedding proposal. Download the free printable here!

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If you’re looking for more information about eco-friendly weddings, take a look at this Eco-Friendly Wedding Inspiration Board for lots of great ideas. You’ll also love this post about 6 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Elements.

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