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7 Eco-friendly Summer Activities For The Kids

Summer has arrived and that means the kids are finally getting to enjoy their long-awaited break from school. While they’re certainly excited for these few months of freedom, it can be difficult for parents to find ways to keep their children busy and entertained during the days that they would normally be in school. While you want them to have a relaxing summer, it’s still a great time to learn new things and be creative. It can’t all be sleeping in and video games! With these 7 eco-friendly activities for the kids, you can teach them about being eco-friendly and the importance of sustainability AND have a great time. From planting seeds to creating upcycle paint holders, these activities will make this summer the best and most eco-friendly one yet.

Take a look at these 7 eco-friendly summer activities for the kids:

Egg shell planters are a great way to get kids involved in the summer growing season!
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Instead of tossing those leftover eggshells, why not use them as planters? Whether you grow herbs or flowers, it’s easy for kids to add soil and seeds into the base to grow a little garden during the summer months. They’ll definitely feel proud once they start to see sprouts!

These eco-friendly bird feeders are the perfect way to attract wildlife to your yard.
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Most kids are fascinated by wildlife and these eco-friendly bird feeders are the perfect way to attract them to your yard. Simply slice an orange, scoop out the fruit, create three holes in the outer casing and tie a string through the holes. After tying the ends into a knot, you can add some bird food into the orange and hang the eco-friendly bird feeder somewhere in your yard.

Kids can make beautiful artwork from the many treasures they collect along your nature walks.
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Summer is the perfect time for crafts and nature provides the best and most beautiful art supplies. To make this, have your kids collect some leaves, flowers and sticks and then they can glue them to a piece of construction paper in the shape of their names. Pretty and bright, it will show kids just how easy it is to use natural beauty to make unique, creative art projects.

These egg carton paint holders are a great way to help bring out your child's inner Picasso!
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If you have a little Picasso in the making, they’ll love being eco-friendly with these egg carton paint holders. Instead of tossing your leftover egg cartons, simply fill them with your child’s paint supplies. Once their masterpiece is finished, you can recycle them.

This easy up-cycle butterfly feeder is a craft you and your children will love to make!
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Kids love the look of whimsical, fluttering butterflies but they’re also an important part of the natural eco-system. If you’d like to attract more to your backyard, this upcycle wine bottle butterfly feeder is the perfect summer project for the kids. Take a look at this post to see the full tutorial.

Creative ways to teach your kids about sustainability and making eco-friendly choices in your everyday life.
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Planting seed paper is a fun way to teach kids about sustainability and making eco-friendly choices in your everyday life. It’s made with post-consumer materials that biodegrade, leaving the seeds to sprout and grow. You could even get them to make an earth inspired drawing on seed paper sheets so they can actually plant their own artwork. Then, as the wildflowers grow and flourish, you can tell your kids about how they helped build habitats for important species like bees by spreading seeds!

Great eco-friendly craft ideas for kids!
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While this activity is perfect year round, making it during the summer months will help encourage kids to get creative during their break from school. To make these unique pencil cases, simply cut open a pop bottle and glue a colorful zipper to the inside edge of the bottle. Your kids will have no problem opening and closing the bottles when they make their projects!

Created with biodegradable materials, this seed paper is embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow wildflowers, herbs or vegetables when planted in a pot or garden. Perfect for a variety of events and purposes including crafting, weddings, memorials, promotional products, recipients will love growing their own bounty of fresh flowers, basil, parsley, dill, carrots, lettuce or tomatoes with a simple piece of compostable paper.

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