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7 Product Packaging Trends & Inspiration

How you package your product says a lot about you. It’s also an opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Search “unboxing” on YouTube, and you’ll find hundreds of videos of customers opening up products for review. Knowing this, it’s clear why there are many product packaging trends today, from playful patterns to biodegradable wrappers, to luxurious textures.

Around 72% of customers say that product packaging sways their decision to purchase.

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your product packaging or redesign, we put together a roundup of some of the most popular product packaging trends and concepts.

Take a look at the examples below for inspiration:

1. Sustainability

Stay away from wasteful options, and instead, choose packaging that feels good to receive. Reduce waste with recycled cardboard, biodegradable wrapping, or even compostable options.

Some examples include recyclable containers from Common Heir, dual-purpose packaging from Thousand, and compostable tubes from River Organics.

sustainability packaging trend ideas
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2. Plantable Seed Paper

Help your customers start a garden with product packaging that grows! Plantable seed paper is a popular eco-friendly packing option, available for various product applications. Customers will be delighted to plant the paper in the soil after opening. Plus, seed paper is made with recycled paper materials, and non-GMO and non-invasive wildflower seeds with species that support local biodiversity.

Some examples include these Cheekbone Beauty plantable thank you card inserts, handmade soap gift sets wrapped in recycled paper from Botanical PaperWorks, and La Flamme Verte Candle Co. plantable seed paper candle dust covers.

plantable seed paper packaging trend ideas
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3. Interactive Features

Take your customers beyond your packaging, with elements that showcase your values and personality. The possibilities are limitless with QR codes, apps, and interactive designs.

Some examples include this Cocokind QR code that leads customers to more information about their sustainable practices. Or the QR code on Stacy’s Pita Chips that directs customers to nearby female-founded businesses. Or the Corona Extras beer packaging that flattens into a board game.

interactive packaging trend ideas
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4. Illustrative and Artistic Designs

This packaging style is for you if you want a creative look. Often bright and playful, these designs photograph well and draw attention in social media posts!

Some examples include this Alltru mid-century modern design, EcoRoots decorative leaves design, and PRIMAL Sponges illustrative nature prints.

illustrative packaging trend ideas
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5. Brand Storytelling

Make a warm first impression by centering your packaging around your brand’s mission, values, or starting-out story. This style comes across as approachable and personal.

Take a look at these examples below: Seatle’s Best Coffee short story on its brand name, Provenance product description, and a thank you message on a Tom’s Shoes box.

storytelling packaging trend ideas
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6. Custom Papers, Textures, and Finishes

Different finishes and raised elements engage the senses and capture attention. Consider die-cutting or debossing your logo for effect. Or add gold embossing to the packaging artwork for a dazzling look. Another way to jazz up your packaging is with various paper types. For example, seed paper with recycled paper materials and seeds, giving it a textured and uncoated feel.

Take a look at these examples below: Figlia & Madre debossing, Kute Cake gold embossing, and Shwood and Huf laser-cut logo and tagline.

custom finishes packaging trend ideas
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7. Minimalism

Simple designs leave more room to focus on your logo, URL, and other key branding text. These clean packaging styles come across as luxurious and calming. If your brand is eco-friendly, this packaging trend may be a great fit. Minimalist designs are typically associated with green living and eco-conscious values.

Take a look at these examples below: Boxed Water Is Better, Meijuri, and Everlane.

minimalist packaging trend ideas including meijuri and everlane examples
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We hope you will draw inspiration from these product packaging trends and examples. Whatever you choose, do what’s aligned with your brand vision and values. As long as you stay true to your mission, you can’t go wrong!

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