A Look At Fairy Gardens

A Look At Fairy Gardens

Gardens are places of peace and joy that are full of possibilities and wonder. Add a fairy garden and they become truly magical spots that both you and your kids will enjoy. Not to mention how much the fairies will appreciate the accommodations.

The best part of these wonderful creations is by far the fun you will have building them. Whether you use household items or purchase miniature pieces specifically for fairies, you can make them as detailed or a simple as you like. Just add your imagination, let your inner fairy shine and build a little piece of wonderland in your very own yard.

The Setting

From teacups to wheel barrels, there are tons of opportunities for creative spots to put a fairy garden.

From tea cups to wheel barrels, there are tons of opportunies for creative spots to put a fairy garden.

1. A Broken Planter Pot
If you have an broken pot kicking around that you knew you find a use for some day, then you have found your solution! Just add some soil and moss to build up the sides and then use the broken pieces to help stabalize it.
Image Source: dornob.com

2. An Old Boot
This whimisal idea is one of our favorites. Just add a little roof and a wood door with some leafy details and you have the perfect fairy sized home that you can put anywhere.
Image Source: Pinterest

3. A Wheel Barrel
An old rusty wheel barrel is an ideal spot for building because you can move it when you are done. Then it’s easy enough to pull out when the kids want to some play time.
Image Source: theownerbuildernetwork.co

4. A Tea Cup
Pull out those old tea cups that have been collecting dust and let the kids create their very own mini gardens for window ledges and shelves with these adorable tea cup gardens.
Image Source: salttree.net

The Details

The details are what make a fairy garden truly spectacular. From tiny planters, to doorways and rivers, each detail comes together to spark the imagination and create interest.

The details are what make a fairy garden truly spectacular as they all come together to spark the imagination and create interest.

1. Mini Planters
These tiny rustic planters and absolutely adorable and are the perfect addition to your fairy garden to add interest and bulk them up. Fairies love a nice full garden.
Image Source: dornob.com

2. A Stone River
Paint some stones bright blue or purchase fish tank stones from a pet store to create a beautiful river that will flow through your imagination.
Image Source: pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.ca

3. Wooden Door
Tiny wood doors are a must-have in your fairy garden. How else would the fairies get in at night? You can attach them to tree stumps, planters and more.
Image Source: etsy.com

4. Fairy Bed
Create a little oasis with some copper wire and moss or purchase this detail online. It looks so good you might find yourself wishing you had one in human size.
Image Source: efairies.com

The Fun

Kids have incredible imaginations and in today’s world of ipods and tablets, they don’t get to use them enough. Creating their own fairy garden is a great way to get them outside, learning about gardening and using the imagination that makes being a kid so awesome.

You can even have a fairy theme birthday party where the kids can dress up, build gardens, and play fairy games.

Image Source: Emelia’s magical fairy garden party from catchmyparty.com

All that being said, it’s not hard to see why fairy gardens are becoming so popular. They are beautiful, interesting, magical and full of possibilities as every great garden should be.

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