A Seed Paper Insert in Metric’s Synthetica Limited Edition Album

Canadian band Metric recently released their latest album Synthetica, and we were all a little star-struck when we were contacted to help them create a custom plantable seed paper component to go inside the album’s (really cool) limited edition Synthetica Stereobox.

Not only is the album great, but the package was handcrafted, autographed by the entire band, and was designed to be assembled into the stereobox slide viewer that then lets you see the photographic slides that were also included with the kit.

The images on the slides are from the 1960’s Radical Architecture Movement. This movement inspired the album’s music, and the whole idea behind the kit is to sit, relax, look at the slides, and listen to the album. In a time when so many people skip the packaged CDs to buy the online download, it was so refreshing to see Metric put so much thought, effort, and creativity into this album and the experience of listening to it – and we’re sure it was appreciated by all that bought one.

Metric Synthetica seed paper plantable paper insert

Our seed paper insert provided the package’s assembly instructions to the lucky 500 people that snapped up this very limited edition version of Synthetica. We love we had the chance to work with Metric on this amazing and fun project, and that they chose seed paper as a great way to give even more value to something that would have just been discarded. Instead, their fans can grow flowers, and be inspired and reminded of the creative band that gave them to them.

metric synthetica seed paper plantable paper insert
Slide viewer image courtesy of Andrew McMillen at www.robotsforhire.com

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