Never miss out on an opportunity to share your commitment to corporate sustainability and environmental awareness by adding these days to your marketing calendar.

Add These Days to Your Calendar To Promote Sustainability

From Donut Day to World Emoji Day, there are all kinds of national and world theme days to celebrate. While we may not relate to all of them, there are some days genuinely doing good and creating positive change in the world. From Earth Day to World Environment Day, days that focus on environmental issues and sustainability are important for businesses to be aware of.

As stated in, millennials now represent the largest share of the American workforce. A generation with a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility who are looking to connect with brands and organizations that share their values. If you want to connect with them, then this list of days will help you get started. Add them to your calendar, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to share your commitment to corporate sustainability and environmental awareness. These days also pair perfectly with seed paper promotions!

January 5 – National Bird Day: A great day to focus on raising awareness for the many bird species that may face extinction in the next century. #NationalBirdDay

February  2 – World Wetlands Day: Raise public awareness about the importance and value of wetlands. #WorldWetlandsDay

February 27 – International Polar Bear Day: Draw attention to the challenges polar bears face with climate change and the importance of conservation efforts. #PolarBearDay

March 3 – World Wildlife Day: Celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. The biggest threat to wildlife is the loss of habitat. #WorldWildlifeDay

March 18: National BioDiesel Day: Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning, petroleum-free alternative to diesel made from animal fat, vegetable oil, or recycled cooking oil. #NationalBiodieselDay

April – Keep America Beautiful Month: Encourage people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. #DoBeautifulThings

April 14 National Dolphin Day: Can be used to promote ocean awareness.

April 22 – Earth Day: Spread awareness about environmental issues and encourage actions for a greener future. Learn more about Earth Day here. #EarthDay

Last Friday of April – National Arbor Day: Encourage planting and protecting trees. #ArborDay

May – National Bike Month: Promote reducing emissions by riding bikes.

Third Full Week of May – National Bike to Work Week: A great time to start a company initiative to reduce emissions.

Second Saturday of May – World Fair Trade Day: Promote sustainable farming. #fairtradeday #agentforchange

May 16 – National Love a Tree Day: Celebrate and recognize the significant role they play in reducing erosion, moderating the climate, and cleaning the air. #LoveATreeDay

Third Friday of May – National Endangered Species Day: Share and educate about the value of protecting endangered species and their habitats. #EndangeredSpeciesDay

May 20 – World Bee Day: Draw attention to the essential role bees and other pollinators play in ecosystems.

May 22 – International Day for Biological Diversity Day: A United Nations–sanctioned day for the promotion of biodiversity issues. #BiologicalDiversityDay

May 23 – World Turtle Day: Bring attention to and increase awareness for the protection of all species of tortoise and turtles. #WorldTurtleDay

June 5 – World Environment Day: A global celebration of nature and worldwide awareness for the protection of our environment. #WorldEnvironmentDay

June 8 – World Oceans Day: A global day of ocean celebration and awareness of ocean health for a better future. #WorldOceansDay

July 11 – World Population Day: Focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues for a sustainable future. #WorldPopulationDay

August – National Water Quality Month: Encourage the protection of sources of freshwater. #WaterQualityMonth

August 12 – World Elephant Day: Dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. #WorldElephantDay

Third Full Week of September – Pollution Prevention Week: Highlights the many efforts of EPA, its state partners, industry and citizens to prevent pollution and encourage sustainability. #P2week

Last Week of September – Sea Otter Awareness Week: Dedicated to increasing awareness about the important role they play in ecosystems and the threats they face. #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek

September 4 – National Wildlife Day: Bring awareness to the world’s endangered animals and the importance of respecting and protecting all animals. #WildlifeDay

September 15 – World Cleanup Day: Volunteers and partners worldwide will come together to rid our planet of trash – cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets. #WorldCleanupDay

September 18 – World Water Monitoring Day: Created by America’s Clean Water Foundation to raise awareness of water pollution issues and get people to test their local bodies of water. #WorldWaterMonitoringDay

First Monday in October – World Habitat Day: Promote sustainable development policies that ensure adequate shelter for all. #WorldHabitatDay

October 4 – World Animal Day: Mission is to raise the status of animals to improve welfare standards around the globe. #WorldAnimalDay

October 28 – National Make a Difference Day: The goal is to unite people to make a difference in their community. Can be used to encourage actions for local environmental issues. #MDDAY

November 15 – America Recycles Day: Dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. #AmericaRecyclesDay

December 5 – World Soil Day: Raise awareness about issues affecting soils and its essential role ecosystems. #WorldSoilDay

Planting Days for Seed Paper Promotions

While any day that focuses on sustainability and environmental awareness is perfect for plantable promotions, there are a few that tie directly into the planting side of things. If you’re looking for fun and fitting times to share seed paper promotions that grow, these days are perfect!

March 12 – National Plant a Flower Day: Dedicated to planting flowers and looking forward to spring. #PlantAFlowerDay

IDEA: Share a seed paper promotion in the winter months with a call to plant it on this day and post it on social media.

April – Lawn & Garden Month: Celebrate that time when we all get outside more and anticipate the rebirth of all things green.

IDEA: Share herb and veggie seed paper promotions to celebrate this month.

First Full Week of May – National Wildflower Week: A whole week dedicated to the pretty wild blossoms that bring landscapes to life. #NationalWildflowerWeek

IDEA: This week is a great time to pass out plantable giveaways embedded with wildflower seeds.

May 30 – National Water A Flower Day: As the flowers bloom, they will need a good drink. This day is a good reminder to keep them hydrated.

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