Back-To-School Promotional Products

Back-to-school planning is unpredictable right now, as school boards and administrators around the world try to adjust to new information released day-to-day about the pandemic. We may not know when or how students will go back to school, whether they’ll have online lessons, staggered school hours, reduced class sizes, or temporary class spaces. What we do know is school will resume in some capacity.

Now, more than ever, while adjusting to changing circumstances, people want to feel uplifted. Sending a positive message with back-to-school supplies is one way to do so. Whether it’s for school branding, educational pieces, or perhaps for an in-store giveaway at a back-to-school sale, you may want to connect with people and spread enthusiasm for learning.

Share a message about growth & sustainability with these seed paper giveaways that grow!

As plantable pieces embedded with seeds, they are fun back-to-school promotional products that also represent learning and growing. They will also teach students about the importance of planting and sustainability and inspire future generations to make green choices.

Take a look at some of these eco-friendly back-to-school promotional products:

Color Me Plantable Bookmarks

An eco-friendly and fun giveaway, these coloring style promotional bookmarks will get the creative juices flowing and encourage reading in a fun and unique way. Plus, since they are designed and ready-to-order, all you have to do is send us your logo to get started.

Plantable Pencil Sleeves

Add your full-color custom design and logo to these Plantable Pencil Sleeves to make your pencil promotion extra special.

Add your full-color custom design to a pencil promotion with these plantable pencil sleeves that can be planted to grow wildflowers. They’re perfect for back-to-school season and send a green message. (Pencils not included)

Custom Seed Paper Bookmarks

Take a look at some of these eco-friendly ideas for back to school promotional products!

Few things are more fitting for back-to-school than bookmarks! Whether used for as an educational piece by schools themselves or as an in-store giveaway for a retail outlet, Seed Paper Bookmarks are great to encourage students to read & grow. They come in a wide range of sizes and formats so it’s easy to find one that fits your budget and marketing plan.

Read more about this unique bookmark promotion that inspires students to “Read to Grow.”

Journals and Notepads

These Plantable Journals are perfect for back-to-school promotions because they're totally eco-friendly!

Perfect for note-taking, Plantable Journals and Notepads are a unique and incredibly useful choice for school branding. Whether it’s for college, university or a high school, you can simply add-your-logo to a variety of pre-designed covers or choose the custom option to add your own artwork. They are perfect to handout during orientation to help develop a sense of community with your school branding. And the best part is that once all of the pages have been filled out, students can plant the seed paper to grow a garden of wildflowers!

Printed Seed Paper Shapes

Printed shapes are great as back to school promotions because they're fun, creative and eco-friendly.

Fun and creative, Printed Shapes are a fantastic choice for back-to-school promotions because the options are endless with ideas for using them. Available in a variety of shapes including a flower, butterfly, cupcake or even a leaf, they’re fun for kids and can be used for events or in-store giveaways that have back to school promotions.

Nature Shape Pack

Students will love planting the four seed paper shapes inside these Nature Shape Packs.

When it comes to preserving nature and the environment, it’s more important than ever for schools to teach students about the importance of sustainability since they are the future. With this Nature Shape Pack, recipients will get to plant the four nature-themed shapes to grow a garden of wildflowers that actually benefit the environment. Perfect as an educational piece, the wildflowers will help benefit the natural habitat for important pollinators like bees, birds and butterflies.

Eco Confetti Pack

Share your school's passion for sustainability with eco-friendly products like Eco Confetti Packs.

Reinforce your school’s commitment to sustainability by handing out these Small Flower Eco Confetti Packs. Whether used as a gift to the parents or as a clever promotional piece at events, the “Learning to grow” theme will align wonderfully with the eco-friendly pieces and packaging inside. Available in your choice of over 15 vibrant seed paper confetti colors, you can also include your branding to make the brand recognition last even longer.

Want to get started on your back-to-school promotions? We would love to work with you to create an eco-friendly product that help inspire the future generation to be GREEN! Take a look at our Seed Paper Promotions Catalogs for TONS of fantastic ideas, including our NEW Native Seeds option. Download, view and share!


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