Behind The Scenes Look At Creating Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Behind The Scenes Look At Creating Watercolor Wedding Invitations

When setting out to create some fresh new designs for spring and summer weddings of 2015, we decided there was one trend that we simply could not ignore. Painterly florals are popping up in fashion, home decor and of course, wedding stationery. The draw of this trend is the artistic nature and texture of the brush strokes created. Compared to more standard flat graphics, the hand-painted florals have a little more feeling and vibrance.

Below is a snapshot look at how we went about creating a design that would reflect the trend, but could still be easily customized for our clients for not just their Invitations, but their Reply Cards, Save-the-Dates, Menus and more.

1. We started by mixing some colors and painted a variety of simple flower shapes, making them larger than they would actually appear on the stationery so we wouldn’t have to be quite as precise.

Hand-painted elements add a unique quality to Watercolor Wedding Invitations and look even better printed on seed paper.

2. After our painted graphics were dry, we scanned them and brought them into Photoshop where we could isolate the elements and polish the graphics.

Take a peak at the process used to create customizable Watercolor Wedding Invitations.

3. Then we arranged the elements in a pleasing design for each piece of stationery and created multiple color options by adjusting the hue and saturation of the red tones.

4. Last, we added the text boxes for customization.

The artistic nature and texture of the brush strokes created in the Painterly Florals Watercolor Wedding Invitation make this look a must have for spring and summer wedding in 2015.

5. We printed the finished designs on quality seed paper that adds texture and enhances the hand-crafted feeling of the design. Not only does the paper have beautiful painted flowers, but it will also grow flowers when planted and leave no waste behind. You can be stylish and eco-friendly with these stunning design options!

If you love the idea of these hand-painted Watercolor Wedding Invitations and want to see the full set and all the color options, you can view by collection on our website as well as sneak a peak below.

Painterly Florals Seed Paper Watercolor Weddding Invitation and Collection

Watercolor Roses Seed Paper Wedding Invitation and Collection


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