BIPOC graphic designers for business promotions and wedding illustrations

4 BIPOC Graphic Designers & Illustrators to Consider For Seed Paper Projects

After some research and consideration, you’ve decided on a seed paper business promotion or wedding stationery item. First step done! Now, it’s time to pick a design. While the pre-made designs you’ve seen would work, you’d rather do something totally unique.

Maybe you want a branded design that wraps around your seed paper product packaging. An illustrated portrait of you and your fiancé for your wedding invites. Or an eye-catching, full-package design concept for all your event promotional items.

A professional graphic designer may be required for custom seed paper items

There will be times when your seed paper item design concept requires more time and expertise to bring it to life. A lot of planning, discussion, mood-boarding, and revisions go into great designs. Having hired help makes the process quicker and easier!

Here are a few experienced BIPOC graphic designers and illustrators who you can support:

Graphic Design for Business Promotions

  1. Creative Juice

This women-led and minority-owned agency in Atlanta, USA, has worked with a range of clients including international brands such as Home Depot and LG and smaller non-profits. They also have five stars on Google Reviews.

2. Yeshi Designs

Image found on and twitter.

Based out of New York, USA, Yeshi has worked on projects for various industries and international brands including Google, Adobe and Instagram.

3. Vincent Design

Based out of Manitoba, Canada, this Indigenous-led agency has worked on design projects for non-profits and businesses in various industries.

Illustrators for Wedding Stationery

1. Chi Chi Illustrations

Images found on

Chan is a bespoke illustrator of lifelike wedding couple portraits, venue maps and buildings, wedding day timelines, and other artwork for wedding stationery.

BIPOC Graphic Designer Directories

  1. ApiWho.Design
  2. QTBIPOC Design
  3. People of Craft
  4. Neebin

How to set up your custom seed paper design:

  1. Follow the recommended seed paper artwork guidelines
  2. Download artwork templates found on product pages if available or contact us to request them. 
  3. Review the different color options and order a seed paper swatch book, if you want to see the colors in person before choosing.
  4. See our designer tips found on this page.
  5. Include planting instructions so recipients know how to plant the paper or include this link in your design: (shorter planting instructions can be found on product pages)
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