Botanical PaperWorks Celebrates Earth Day

Botanical PaperWorks has been especially busy lately in preparation for today, Earth Day. We've become one of the go-to places for plantable bookmarks, plantable Earth Day favors, and a whole bunch of other seed paper promotional items, and we couldn't be happier about it.

I know there's so many lists out there with suggestions on how to be a little more green, so I thought I would go around the Botanical PaperWorks headquarters today, and ask my coworkers what things they do every day be a little more green. They were all a little camera shy, so everyone decided to be Plantable Earth bookmark models instead.

Here's what they said!

earth day seed paper bookmark

This is Robyn & Rebecca. They're the cheery voices in our customer care department that you may have talked to before. And let me just say, they match their bright personalities to their clothing! Robyn told me that one of her biggest environmental contributions is choosing to walk to work everyday. Rebecca does a great thing by combining laundry loads with her roommates to make bigger loads, instead of everyone using more water to wash their clothes individually.

earth day seed paper bookmark

Here we have Heidi, the president of Botanical PaperWorks. She plants a vegetable garden each spring with her kids, to help them understand where their food comes from, and get the fresh taste of homegrown vegetables that only comes from a backyard garden. She also composts, and then tills it back into the soil.

Another really great suggestion from Heidi is what she does for craft time! Paper sample books, discarded office paper and other materials that would normally be thrown out become fun craft time supplies instead!

earth day seed paper bookmark

Next up is Phoebe. She works in our printing department, and is one of the most eco-conscious people I know. And I think her answer was my favorite. It wasn't just that she listed off a bunch of daily things she does to be eco-friendly, but because of what she told me she does to just appreciate our Earth. She walks. Her home is close to a creek, so she makes an effort on a regular basis to walk to the creek and soak up all that's going on. Birds chirping, sun shining, even a beaver swimming by! It sounds beautiful, and it is!

I talked to a lot of people at Botanical PaperWorks yesterday, and I was so happy to hear that everyone makes a conscious effort to appreciate our planet everyday, not just on Earth Day. So many people told me they recycle, ride the bus to work, use fabric shopping bags, compost and more. It's all these simple things that we can incorporate into our day-to-day way of living that are sure to make the difference we're hoping to make.

Happy Earth Day everyone, from all of us here at Botanical PaperWorks!


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