Botanical PaperWorks Found In A Floral Collective Book By UPPERCASE

Every once in awhile, something comes in the mail that will make you want to jump with joy. That is exactly what getting our copy of Botanica in the mail did for us last week.

As the design and marketing manager here at Botanical PaperWorks, I’ve always had a passion for paper. The way it feels and smells and how it comes to life with the magic of art, design, and printing—it’s an art that in my opinion will never, and should never be lost. It’s what drew me to Botanical PaperWorks to begin with. Heidi Reimer-Epp, CEO and Co-Founder of the company, has similar passions for stationery and that passion is part of what built the company. So when we received our copies of Botanica in the mail on a plain old Monday, it definitely made our day. The book is an epic celebration of three of our favorite things—paper, design, and flowers!

As stated on the beautiful cover, Botanica is a mixed bouquet of art, design and ephemera. It’s filled with pages and pages of colorful creations that collectively capture the beautiful essence of all things botanical. As a seed paper company that literally has Botanical in our name, we were thrilled for the chance to be included in the book and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Take a look at this sneak peek inside!

Found on page 295 – 297 under Papermaking, you’ll find a glimpse into Botanical PaperWorks and the story behind how the first seeds of the company were planted 20 years ago. We are thrilled and deeply honored to be among so many inspiring shops and talents found in the book. We will definitely be referring to it many times in the future for inspiration!

So if you have a paper passion like I do or just plain love all things botanical, then you simply must treat yourself to this special gift! The creativity and energy of all 450 pages will make your soul smile and be worth every penny.

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