Botanical PaperWorks Save the Bees Photobooth

Botanical PaperWorks is Getting Ready to Generate Some BUZZ to Help SAVE THE BEES

Botanical PaperWorks is excited to share that they will BEE attending the PPPC National Convention this February and creating a BUZZ to help raise awareness for important pollinators with an informal BEE-themed photo booth!

Booth 310 will be BUZZING!

We’ll have some fun bee costumes and other props for attendees to get silly and have some fun at the show. If you’ll be attending, be sure to come by for a quick photo. For every photo posted on social media with the hashtag #savethebees and tagged @BotanicalPaperWorks, we’ll be donating $2 to so the more people that come the better! All funds donated are deposited into the Canadian Bee Research Fund, a registered charity that distributes funds for bee health research.

Why are we doing this?

A few years ago the decline of important pollinators came to our attention and has been something we have continued to share since. Honeybees and butterflies are incredibly important to the health of the environment because they play a number of roles in the natural eco-system. As crucial pollinators, bees contribute to 1/3 of the food that humans eat including over 130 fruits and vegetables!

As a seed paper company that manufactures products made to give back to the Earth and build habitats for pollinators, we saw an opportunity to help. The more seeds we can spread with a message to save the bees the better. This year we thought why not take that message to the show in a big way by generating some buzz to raise awareness. As people share their photos to social media we hope it will get the attention of their followers and encourage others to learn more about issues affecting pollinators.

Read more about why honeybee populations are declining, why it’s important and other ways you can help. Please also share the infographic below to raise awareness and educate people about the issue.

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