Botanical PaperWorks in Winnipeg Exchange District

Botanical PaperWorks Is Growing!

Heidi Reimer-Epp, CEO of Botanical PaperWorks, shares some exciting news about our expanding facilities:

I’m so excited to announce that Botanical PaperWorks is growing once again. We’re taking on more space and doubling the size of our production facility and offices. We’ve been in the same space for 11 years, and thanks to continuous improvements, we’ve been able to double, then triple our production output in this same space.

We’re now in the same position as we were 11 years ago when we first moved into 111 Pacific Ave. At that time, we were in a facility on Cumberland Avenue, and we were bursting at the seams. In fact, our FedEx delivery man once remarked “You have people stacked in here like cordwood,” and he was right.

In case you haven’t stacked firewood in a while, here’s what a cord of wood looks like:cord of wood
It felt like we were stacked one upon the other! Our bookkeeper Betty worked off of a card table that she set up in a hallway on the days that she was in the office. I had given up my office and worked out of the storage area, shoulder-to-shoulder with the extra shipping boxes and reams of printer paper.

This time around, we’re not quite as jammed, thank goodness. But we’ve maxed out the number of desks in our admin area, and we’re ready to expand our production area and expand our capacity. It’s going to be great to have some elbow room again and to pursue some new opportunities.

We were so lucky with the timing. Just as we were getting ready to renew our lease for our current space, our excellent landlord Bob Brown of Leon A. Brown Limited let us know that the space next door was available. This was an amazing (and surprise) gift to us because we love the area that we’re in and wanted to stay. The East Exchange of Winnipeg has grown up around us over the last 11 years and these are the golden years that we want to enjoy, where development has brought more residents and office workers to the area along with new restaurants and recreational facilities.111 Pacific Ave in Winnipeg's Exchange District
Fast forward to today, and I’m receiving the keys and doing a walk-through. And just like that, we are at the start of a new chapter for Botanical PaperWorks. What amazing things are going to happen in this 11,000 square feet of space? Time will tell, but I’m certain it’s going to be a wonderful adventure, just like the previous two decades have been!


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