Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products Idea Book

1 in 8 women will face breast cancer in her lifetime and almost all of us will be touched by this illness in some way. Whether it be by a sister, a mother, a friend or perhaps co-worker, we are all likely to see the effects of the disease at some point in our lives. That is why this is everyone’s fight.

Stand up and show your support

Businesses big and small can all play a role in the fight against breast cancer. Whether you choose to organize an event or share a giveaway with a powerful message, your support matters. In recognition of this important cause, we have created a variety of seed paper promotional products that will help spread a powerful breast cancer awareness message. Growing wildflowers as a colorful symbol of hope, plantable promotions will show your support in a waste-free way that won’t be forgotten.

Take a look & be inspired by this Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Products Idea Book:

From printed seed paper shapes, to eco-bookmarks with a plantable awareness ribbon attached, you’ll find all kinds of unique ideas to grow hope for a cure. As the recipients plant and grow symbolic wildflowers, they’ll be reminded of this important cause as well as your brand’s support.

Check out all of the unique ways to grow hope for a cure for breast cancer. Seed paper promotions can be planted to grow wildflowers and will show your support in a waste-free and memorable way.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.
For more eco-friendly ideas and products, see our Seed Paper Promotions Catalogs. They are filled will tons of plantable promotions to help your business GROW.


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