Bring Spring to Your Home with these Plantable Paper Bouquets

For many of us, this week is Spring Break. This means kids of all ages will be home and looking for fun-filled activities to do during their week long holiday. Crafts are a great way for the family to get together and make something beautiful. We at Botanical PaperWorks want to show you an eco-friendly way to bring spring to your home!

Flowers are a classic sign of Spring. Why not make paper flowers for your home that will actually bloom when the weather is warmer? This craft, adapted from and instead uses plantable paper, a handmade paper infused with wildflower seeds that when planted in soil bloom into beautiful pink, yellow, and purple petalled flowers for all to enjoy. This craft is quite simple and you can customize it however you want.

What You'll Need:

How to Make It:

  1. Cut plantable seed paper into large circles ranging in sizes. You can also take sheets of paper and cut them into 5 petal flower shapes too.
  2. Cut a spiral around the circle, ensuring that you maintain the spiral thickness around the paper
  3. Mix some flour and water together until it forms a medium thick paste and using a spoon gently spread ontop of the spiral paper shape. This will act as the glue.
  4. Starting from the inside to the outside of the spiral, start rolling the paper so it makes a rose like shape. Keep rolling until the spiral is completely wrapped up.


  5. Cut a small hole at the base of the flower and use thread through the wire or chenille stem and ensure the excess wire or stem is bent around the stem so it is secure.
  6. Put in a vase until the weather is warm and then plant the seed paper and watch the real wildflowers bloom

Not only is this craft fun, but the plantable paper is made from post-consumer waste so it leaves no waste! It's an eco-friendly way to bring the family together and make some creative crafts this Spring Break.

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