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Capture What Makes Seed Paper Special By Encouraging Guests To Plant & Post!

Life is filled with occasions that are significant, important and deserve to be remembered in a beautiful way. Whether you’re planning your dream wedding, a baby shower or an anniversary party, commemorating life’s big moments in a grand way will capture the memories and help keep them alive. One of the best ways to make the most of these celebrations is to choose stationery that can do more than deliver the details. Unique and eco-friendly, seed paper is a special option because it has the power to bring people together in a way that’s interactive.

Seed paper invitations and favors are made to be planted!

The wildflower blend that’s embedded into the paper pulp gives back to the environment and helps important species like bees and butterflies. By encouraging guests to plant each piece and share their photos, you’ll not only get to see your invites in action, but you’ll feel good knowing that there is a little more beauty in the world because of your event.

Seed paper invitations and favors are made to be planted! Get the most from your beautiful and eco-friendly seed paper stationery by encouraging loved ones to post photos of the growth on social media using a unique hashtag. Learn more + get a free printable sign here! #stationery #wedding #freeprintables #seedpaper
In addition, plantable paper lets you to encourage guests to share photos of the paper growing on social media, before and after the event. When you include a unique hashtag, you and your guests will be able to watch the paper bloom into a colorful bed of wildflowers. Not only will this collect images of the growth in a convenient way, but it’ll help make the event extra special and memorable. You can even gather some of the best photos in the stream to add to an album of the wedding or event. No matter what you do, seed paper stationery gives you the opportunity to connect with guests in a creative and memorable way.

Want to make the most of your seed paper? Find out how to incorporate social media + download our free printable!

Get the most from your beautiful and eco-friendly seed paper stationery by encouraging loved ones to post photos of the growth on social media using a unique hashtag. Learn more + get a free printable sign here! #stationery #wedding #freeprintables #seedpaperarn more + get a #freeprintable sign here!
(Available as a free printable!)

How do I encourage them to plant & share?

If you want your guests to really take part in the planting fun, you have to encourage them to do so. Sometimes the planting instructions on the paper aren’t enough and they need a little extra nudge or a reminder. To help you, we’ve included four ideas that can work for a variety of seed paper invitations or favors. Simply choose the best option for your event and be sure to select a hashtag that hasn’t been used. You can do this by seaching the hashtag with sites like If you don’t see any images, it’s all yours!

1) Add a unique hashtag to your seed paper invitations or favors:

Hashtags are a great way to connect with your guests after the event. By including a unique tag on the pieces, your guests will be more likely to plant and post photos using the tag through the growing process. To do this, include a special note in your order and our designers will work it into the design along with the planting instructions.

Looking for hashtag ideas? Here are three:

#J&MGrowingInLove – This is great for a wedding!
#FlowersForThomas – This is a touching hashtag for a memorial.
#BloomsForSmithBaby – Share the joy of a new baby with this hashtag!

2) Create a wedding website:

If you’re planning a wedding and are using a website to communicate with guests, you can use this as a way to remind them to plant the paper. Simply include a special message with a reminder and some planting instructions and it will pro-long excitement about the planting process. You can even include a page on the site with a stream of photos with the hashtag so visitors can check them out right on the website.

3) Add a sign to your tables:

Another great way to encourage guests to plant their seed paper favors is to include a sign on your tables. Whether the event is a wedding, a baby shower or an anniversary party, guests will see the sign and be inspire to plant the paper so they can post about it. We’ve included the 5×7 shown above if you’d like to use it for your event. Simply print it out, add your hashtag, trim it and display it however you like!

Download FREE printable Plant & Post Sign

4) Remind people by planting some yourself:

If you have any extra invitations hanging around, a fun way to get the ball rolling is to plant them and share the photos. Also, once you record the details from the returned RSVP’s, don’t forget to share the planting process from those photos, too!

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Share. Plant. Enjoy.

The best part about getting people to take part and post their pics of seed paper growing is that you’ll get to watch them enjoy their special gift before and after your event. From sprouts to full blooms, you are your guests can look at all the pics that were shared. This will help make the love and memory of the event live on in a colorful way.

No matter what kind of life event you’re organizing, there’s a seed paper product that will make it extra special and eco-friendly. We have a wide range of products and styles that are all customizable so you can include the right colors, messages and dates for the event. In addition to being interative, it’s biodegradable so you and your guests will feel great knowing that the celebration leaves no waste behind. Instead, you’ll all get to #growgoodthings.

Created with biodegradable materials, this seed paper is embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow wildflowers, herbs or vegetables when planted in a pot or garden. Perfect for a variety of events and purposes including crafting, weddings, memorials, promotional products, recipients will love growing their own bounty of fresh flowers, basil, parsley, dill, carrots, lettuce or tomatoes with a simple piece of compostable paper.

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