Bee Amour jewelry company founder and designer Anna Gieselman and her bee-inspired earrings with a wildflower-embedded seed paper tag

{case study} Bee Amour Seed Paper Business Cards and Jewelry Tags


  • Give customers a more eco-friendly solution to business cards and product tags
  • Make customers feel good about their purchase

Strategy & Execution

Bee Amour is a small artisan jewelry company based in Austin, Texas. The founder and designer, Anna Gieselman started beekeeping in a small backyard hive, which inspired the idea to cast jewelry in pieces of honeycomb and create other bee-centered accessories. Saving the bees is at the heart of how the company got started. In 2015, Bee Amour launched an apiary and beekeeping apprenticeship program, which ran for four years. Now, Bee Amour’s jewelry is in a dozen stores in several states in the US and continues to grow.

bee amour jewelry company's wildflower-seed embedded seed paper business cards and tags with a honeycomb-inspired necklace
(Image from @bee_amour_jewelry on Instagram)

Bee Amour selected wildflower-embedded seed paper business cards and jewelry tags to go with every product purchase. Bees need wildflowers to pollinate and survive, making seed paper the ideal match for the company’s jewelry. Customers get a piece of unique jewelry with the care of bees in mind and also have it delivered with marketing materials that will turn into food for the bees. It’s a win-win situation.

The result was a buzz! People expressed gratitude for Bee Amour’s efforts to be more ecologically minded. Customers loved the idea in general, and several business owners reached out to Bee Amour and asked for the source of the seed paper.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Botanical Paperworks!  The products are unique and beautiful, the process of creating a custom print product is quite easy and the customer service was quick and helpful.  They even helped me to make product tags that were a size not offered on their website but was perfect for my needs.” – Anna Gieselman

seed paper business promotional products

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