Seed paper money promotions for BMS Trading

{case study} BMS Trading’s Clever Seed Paper Money Promotion

The clever marketing of this unique seed paper promotion provided real results and even won an Image Award!

The prestigious Image Awards are given each year to top suppliers and distributors in the Canadian promotional product industry. The Bronze award for this seed paper money promotion went to Botanical PaperWorks with BMS Trading and distributor Rachel Ramos of Lifestyles Promotions.

Below is a look at the objective, strategy and results of the project.


The company’s mission of sustainability permeates every aspect of their organization and this promotion fit with their corporate mission to “Partner with the consumer in contributing to the sustainability of our planet.” The two main objectives of the promotion were to inform BSM Trading’s customers of the plan to change the retail packaging of the client’s solar-powered portable battery packs to seed paper, and to encourage purchases of BMS Trading products at the trade show by providing a coupon for on-site purchases. BMS Trading used $5, $10 and $20 seed paper money bills designed by Botanical PaperWorks.

Strategy and Execution

The target audience was the 1.4 million attendees at the Canadian National Exhibition from August 15 to September 1, 2014. The company chose the promotional seed paper for several reasons: to provide their customers with an immediate discount/coupon, to give their customers an eco-friendly gift of wildflowers, to inform them of the company’s intention to package their products in seed paper going forward and to align with their mission of sustainability. Since this promotion created no waste, it was a perfect fit. The company’s customers were willing to pay full price for their premium product in order to keep (and plant!) their seed paper bill. Other attendees stopped by the booth just to receive a seed paper bill as a gift with the intention of taking it home to plant. Even though some people didn’t redeem their bill for a purchase, BMS Trading was glad the branded promotions were taken as it gave the promotion longevity. The company set up a tent in their booth and it was filled with different denominations of the seed bills. The tent was dark and each customer was given a flashlight and told to go into the tent to find a seed paper bill. Whichever seed paper bill denomination they picked out is how much they received off of their purchase.


The seed paper bill promotion generated record sales and lead generation (non-disclosable) and over $1,300 in discounts on on-side purchases by BMS Trading’s customers during the 18-day trade show. BMS Trading was extremely pleased with the results.

Wildflowers grown from Seed Paper by Botanical PaperWorks/Seed Paper Promotions

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