plantable seed paper products that help save the bees wins PPPC award

{Case Study} Botanical PaperWorks

Bronze winner for Best Self Promo at the 2016 PPPC Image Awards

On the last day of the PPPC National Convention, end-users have the opportunity to come by each booth with their distributors to learn about various promotional products. We are always thrilled to take the opportunity to share the core values of our brand so every year we carefully plan a self-promo that will capture those values to hand out on the final day of the show. This year we announced our new native species option for seed paper promotional products at the show so we wanted an end-user giveaway that would tie into the key benefits of spreading wildflowers across North America. The campaign focused on helping important species such as butterflies and bees so we choose the bee to help us bring that message to life.


  • Share an important message with end-users about how they can benefit the environment and important species with seed paper promotional products.
  • Drive traffic to a unique url webpage where they could access more information and we could track the visits that came from the promotion.
  • Start a conversation about seed paper and our new native species seed options.

Take a look at how Botanical PaperWorks used a #seedpaper self #promotion to send a powerful message about spreading wildflowers to benefit important species like #bees.

Strategy and Execution

After several meetings discussing the overall message at this years show, we decided to use our Eco Bookmarks with a small bee shape attached. The bee was the perfect symbol because it represents so much of what we are trying to accomplish by encouraging spreading wildflowers. Bees directly benefit from pollinator plants and have been dying off at increasingly rapid rates. We printed and handed out 600 bookmarks that were used to start conversations at the show and encouraged them to choose promotions that help, rather than harm the environment. The design also included a unique URL so that we could track the results.

See more from this campaign by Botanical PaperWorks to #growgoodthings and benefit important species like #bees with #seedpaper. Having a webpage with a unique url would allow us to not only give the user access to more information, but to track the results of the promotion. The URL on the bookmark would not appear anywhere else so we would know exactly how many people came to the site via the bookmark.


“At least 95% of people who came by our booth accepted the bookmark and were thrilled when they found out they could plant the bee shape. This lead to conversations about how planting seed paper can help the environment by growing pollinator friendly plants, and also beautify communities” says Jessica Stehr, Corporate Account Manager

Botanical PaperWorks introduces NATIVE SEEDS for their #seedpaper #promotionalproducts. See more about how they delivered their message at the PPPC National Convention. By handing out the bookmark giveaways directly to end-user at the show, it gave us an opportunity to talk about seed paper and the new native seed paper options with people one-on-one.

People were curious about bees, why they matter and what they as individuals and companies could do to help.

This is the start of a conversation that can have an impact on people and our planet. By informing potential clients about the power of seed paper promotions, we can position our brand as world leaders in the production of seed paper and do some good at the same time. Overall, a successful campaign for a project that reflects our mission and brand values.

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