How a corporate gift helped reinforce brand values and get Botanical PaperWorks employees excited about new branding.

{case study} Branded Water Bottles As A Corporate Gift To Celebrate New Branding

How a corporate gift helped reinforce brand values and get Botanical PaperWorks employees excited about new branding.


  • Give new hires and existing employees at Botanical PaperWorks takeaways that create excitement around the company’s new branding
  • Reinforce the company’s mission to reduce waste

Strategy and Execution

When employees are brand ambassadors and say positive things about the company, they may make clients and customers more enthusiastic. Employees are the ones creating the products, interacting with customers, writing about and marketing the products, and assisting at company events. Their engagement with and passion for the brand is an asset.

For that reason, as Botanical PaperWorks prepared to launch a new logo and brand mark, they decided a promotional product directed towards employees would be essential to the project’s success. December, being the season of gift-giving, was also the perfect opportunity to hand out eco-friendly gifts.

Knowing they wanted corporate gifts that would reinforce the company vision and values to reduce waste, the Botanical PaperWorks team decided on branded water bottles. Not only are reusable bottles useful, but they are also carried with us in our day-to-day lives, making the logo visible to people outside the organization as well.

Working with Kate Plummer of Clearmount, Botanical PaperWorks chose Sigg Bottles, which are BPA-free, made of recyclable stainless steel and glass, and built for use for 10-20 years! They branded them with the Botanical PaperWorks logo and tagline on one side and their new graphic emblem on the other side. The embellished floral B (a key element in the new logo) was 3D printed to enhance the look and feel of the bottles.

With a mission to give employees a gift that would reinforce the company’s mission to reduce waste as well as create excitement around the company’s new branding, Botanical PaperWorks shared branded Sigg water bottles.

Finally, Botanical PaperWorks added seed paper tags with a holiday greeting for an eco-friendly and festive touch. They handed out the bottles at their annual holiday party.


The Botanical PaperWorks employees were thrilled to receive the bottles and commented on how nice the bottles looked with the new branding, especially with the raised ‘B’ on the logo. Just one day after the event, staff used the bottles throughout the office and received compliments on the bottles from family members at home.

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