City of Edmonton Seed Paper Wrapping for Reusable Water Bottle

{case study} City of Edmonton

When the City of Edmonton was looking for a special summer giveaway, they wanted something that would be different from the rest and could actually benefit the environment.


  • A giveaway that would promote their eco-friendly conference and hosting services
  • A product that would include lots of room for branding
  • A way to give a gift that grows

Strategy & Execution:

Working with their promotional product distributor, they paired a reusable water bottle with a seed paper wrap from Botanical PaperWorks. The seed paper wrap was printed double-sided so they had plenty of room to communicate all the green planning options available to the hospitality industry.


The result was an extremely effective and memorable giveaway that left nothing to waste. The water bottle could be used over and over, and the seed paper wrap was planted to grow flowers. They grew beautiful wildflowers AND helped enhance the natural habitat of native birds and butterflies.

Learn more about seed paper:

Seed paper eco-friendly packaging has several benefits.

  • It communicates your organization’s commitment to sustainability.
  • It engages the recipient in the act of receiving the product, saving the seed paper, planting it and enjoying the blooms.
  • It helps build habitats for important pollinators such as butterflies and honeybees.

The process of designing custom eco-friendly packaging starts with an email or phone call to our corporate sales team. We’ll discuss your project and help you select a design that fits your budget, delivery time and design needs.

Let’s get started! Contact us for more information on designing eco-friendly packaging for your next promotion. We look forward to helping you plan a promotion that is memorable and green, just like that of the City of Edmonton.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

Created with biodegradable materials, seed paper is embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow wildflowers, herbs, or vegetables when planted in a pot or garden. Learn more about how you can incorporate this special, eco-friendly paper into your next corporate promotion by subscribing to our newsletter and download our full Seed Paper Promotions Catalog.


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