kids learning about Tampa Bay marine life with a tour guide who is wearing a seed paper wristband

{case study} Tampa Bay Discovery Center Seed Paper Wristbands

Tampa Bay Watch Discovery Center is a non-profit that works towards protecting and restoring Tampa Bay’s coastal waters. The center has exhibit tours, hosts educational workshops with schools, and organizes volunteer-run environmental cleanups and wildlife maintenance. Soon, the center is launching a “floating classroom” tour that takes place on an eco-vessel where visitors can learn about Tampa Bay’s marine wildlife up close.


  • Create eco-friendly wristbands for visitor admissions that leave no waste behind
  • Support the brand’s mission to protect and restore Tampa Bay’s waters
  • Inspire visitors to do their part for the environment
seed paper wristbands for Tampa Bay Discovery Center

Strategy and Execution

To stay organized and sustainable, the center gave seed paper wristbands to passengers with dual admission to the center and eco-vessel boat ride. Visitors can plant the seed paper wristbands afterwards, leaving no waste behind, just wildflowers. This supports the nonprofit’s mission and values.

Made with non-GMO and non-invasive wildflower seeds, the wristbands help bees, birds, and other living things. In this way, the center hopes to share a positive message. Everyone can take small steps in their everyday lives to help the environment, whether that’s choosing a reusable bag for grocery shopping, or using a reusable water bottle.

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seed paper business promotional products

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