How Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District used native seed paper giveaways from Botanical PaperWorks to give and grow yellow coneflowers.

{case study} Lake County Soil & Water Conservation District


  • Handout a giveaway with company name on it to visitors at public events that the organization attends
  • Remain true to their natural resource conservation mission

Strategy and Execution:

Lake County SWCD provides leadership and technical expertise to guide the protection and conservation of the unique soil and water resources of the county. As they were looking for a promotional giveaway, it was important they find something to offer the conservation-minded individuals who attend their homeowner workshops and annual farm-to-table dinner something that was true to their mission.

We are not big fans of the “trinkets and trash” type promotional giveaways. Since we are a conservation organization it is important to us to not contribute to plastic pollution or landfill waste whenever possible. We had been looking at seeds and seed paper for a while but we found that most of the seed mixes contained non-native and often times even invasive plant species. We were pleased to find a seed paper that contained easy to germinate seeds that were native to the Great Lakes region. – Natalie Gertz-Young, Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District

With native species seed paper from Botanical PaperWorks, Lake County SWCD selected a printed plantable circle shape with a graphic illustration of a Yellow Coneflower—the actual seed type embedded in the seed paper. They provided information about the flower species at events as well as how to grow it so that recipients would have all the information.

native seeds yellow coneflower promotional products

Botanical PaperWorks was very easy to work with. I received a quote, template and had all of my questions answered in a timely manner. I was impressed with how quickly my custom order was processed and delivered. – Natalie Gertz-Young, Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District


The organization handed out around 1000 pieces at events, workshops, and their annual dinner. The seed paper giveaway encouraged folks to come to them to answer questions about backyard conservation and growing native plants around more home landscapes.

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