Lakeview Insurance Plantable Seed Paper Bookmarks Promotional Product Case study

{case study} Lakeview Insurance

Lakeview Insurance has been a leader in personal, commercial, farm and church insurance for over 30 years. Having worked with Lakeview Insurance ourselves, we can attest to their professionalism, knowledge and incredible dedication to their clients. Operating five offices under four different trade names, Lakeview’s branding became a bit disjointed. With help from a local advertising agency, they adopted a bold new shield logo and vibrant blue colour scheme to symbolize warmth, strength, care and protection. They needed some branding materials to display this new look.


  • Present their new branding
  • A product that’s different and unique
  • A way to give a gift that grows wildflowers

How Lakeview Insurance used seed paper bookmark promotion a a brand launch event.

Strategy and Execution:

To thank clients for their ongoing support, Lakeview held a brand launch party last spring. Avoiding traditional giveaways like portfolios and boxed pens, they gave out copies of And the Mountains Echoed, an enthralling new novel by Khaled Hosseini. Sid Reimer, company owner, loved Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and wanted to give a gift straight from the heart – And the Mountains Echoed fit the bill. They accompanied these books with Seed Paper Bookmarks from Botanical PaperWorks. Lakeview wanted their new branding to be present on the giveaways but they were unable to add their logo directly to the book. Fully-branded plantable bookmarks were the perfect solution.


Event attendees loved the bookmarks and we were thrilled to receive photos of the blooming wildflowers. Congratulations to the entire Lakeview team on your new brand and thank you for the opportunity to add some plantable flair to the event.

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