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Rachel Ramos, owner of Lifestyles Promotions, started her own promotional company two years ago. When it came time to do her corporate branding, she chose to print her business cards on traditional card stock but found that she wasn’t completely happy with the quality. It was time to change things up and be different from the rest.


  • Be unique
  • Improve the quality from previous business cards
  • Give clients information and an additional gift
  • Be eco-friendly
  • Start conversations

Find out why a promotional product distributor chose seed paper business cards for her own company!


Ramos decided that Seed Paper Business Cards from Botanical PaperWorks were perfect for her company because not only do they give recipients your information, but they give the gift of wildflowers as well. In addition, she loves the fact that they’re completely unique and made in Canada.

With an existing relationship with Botanical PaperWorks, Rachel decided to take an eco-friendly approach to her branding by using Seed Paper Business Cards. Created with 100% eco-friendly materials, these promotional products are embedded with seeds that grow wildflowers when planted in a pot or garden. Since she works in the promotional products industry, she knew a thing or two about the success that can be generated from seed paper promotional items.

“I’m a huge advocate of Botanical PaperWorks. I have seen first-hand the spectacular results!”


After working with Jess, Botanical PaperWorks Corporate Accounts Manager to create the cards, Ramos garnered spectacular results.

“All expectations were superseded. My clients love them!”

Like most customers of various plantable promotional products, Ramos thinks that seed paper is special because it’s a great conversation starter. She said that people love the unique texture and once they feel the paper, they always want to know more.

Created with post-consumer materials, Seed Paper Business Cards are infused with a blend of seeds that can grow a variety of either wildflowers, herbs or vegetables when planted in a pot or garden. When the biodegradable paper composts away, recipients will be left with an abundance of fresh greenery to enjoy. From the moment your recipients feel the uniquely textured business cards, they’ll always remember the eco-conscious company behind the creative gift that grows.

Catch Fly is one of the 7 wildlflower seeds found in Botanical PaperWorks seed paper.

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

Created with biodegradable materials, seed paper is embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow wildflowers, herbs, or vegetables when planted in a pot or garden. Learn more about how you can incorporate this special, eco-friendly paper into your next corporate promotion by subscribing to our newsletter and download our full Seed Paper Promotions Catalog.


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