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{case study} PPPC Golf Tournament Promotion


  • Celebrate a new partnership between PPPC, SAGE, and PPAI

Strategy and Execution

Every year, the Quebec, Ontario and BC chapters of the PPPC hold a golf tournament. And this year, the tournaments came in the two weeks immediately after the PPPC Board announced the new partnership with technology provider SAGE and American promotional product association PPAI. This timing meant that the tournaments were the perfect opportunity to celebrate the new partnership and answer member questions. PPPC decided to sponsor a hole at each tournament and hand out a promotional product. That’s where Botanical PaperWorks came in.

The three-way partnership between PPPC, SAGE, and PPAI is going to bring growth for the PPPC. And what better way to symbolize growth than with a promotional product that actually grows! For the tournament, Botanical PaperWorks created a new product – Plantable Golf Balls. Each golf-ball sized seed bomb is packed with wildflower seeds, and when the balls are planted, they’ll grow wildflowers.

Botanical PaperWorks designed a topper with the new three-organization logo and a message of “growing together.” French on one side and English on the other. PPPC CEO Jonathan Strauss, PPPC Board Chair Heidi Reimer-Epp, and members of SAGE and PPAI worked the hole. As each group of golfers arrived to tee-off, they greeted them with hellos, answered questions about the new PPPC-SAGE-PPAI partnership and gave each golfer a package of Plantable Golf Balls.


The Plantable Golf Balls supplied by Botanical PaperWorks were a huge hit and had many of the golfers talking about the idea. Several participants even took a swing at them on the course to see how far they would fly!

The PPPC successfully delivered the message of the new partnership with a golf-themed promotion and generated important conversations at the event. It was very much appreciated by the golfers and got their attention because it was different from the usual golf tournament promotions.

Want to see what happens when you hit a plantable golf ball? Take a look!

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