Plantable seed paper matchbook

{case study} Prospera Credit Union’s Herb Matchbook Promotion

Prospera Credit Union used seed paper matchbooks to deliver are strong message that went on to win an Image Award!

The prestigious Image Awards are given each year to top suppliers and distributors in the Canadian promotional product industry. The silver award for these seed paper matchbooks went to Botanical PaperWorks with Prospera Credit Union and distributor Trisha Miller of Genumark. Below is a look at the objective, strategy and results of the project.

These Herb Matchbooks won SILVER at the Image Awards in Toronto for the BEST in Green Category!


Prospera Credit Union’s goal was to build brand awareness and promote their sponsorship of the Slow Foods Tour, a self-guided cycling tour that promotes locally-grown food. It fit perfectly with Prospera’s mission “To help our communities grow stronger.” They wanted to express the values of gardening, healthy eating and community.

Strategy and Execution

The target audience was the participants of the Slow Foods Tour, which had two events held in two cities over the August long weekend in 2014 with over 800 attendees. Prospera used the Herb Seed Matchbooks from Botanical PaperWorks to promote the sponsorship of the Slow Foods Tour. They were used to tie into the theme of the event of local farming and to encourage people to plant and grow their own foods. To promote this strategy, Prospera staff greeted particiapants as they arrived at the event and handed out the Herb Matchbooks as they started their tour. This gave Prospera the opportunity to interact personally with the participants and to spread the excitement about the plantable products as they were handed out.


Prospera felt that the results met 100% of their objectives. The product was well received and worked as excellent conversation starters and the conversations were a fruitful networking opportunity for Prospera, who emphasized their commitment to being part of the community.

Wildflowers and Herbs grown from Seed Paper Seed Paper Matchbooks are a fun and unexpected gift to give clients and colleagues at conferences, events or business events. The matchsticks inside are made from 100% recycled biodegradable materials and are embedded with seeds. All you have to do to reap the delicious benefits of these unique promotional products is simply tear off a stick and plant it in a pot of soil to grow fresh herbs like oregano, parsley and basil. Available in a large size with 20 matchsticks or a smaller size with 10, this product is a fantastic way to create buzz and show your commitment to remaining tree-free and eco-friendly. Save

Plantable business cards, bookmarks and more eco-friendly pieces to help your business grow.

Created with biodegradable materials, seed paper is embedded with NON-GMO seeds that grow wildflowers, herbs, or vegetables when planted in a pot or garden. Learn more about how you can incorporate this special, eco-friendly paper into your next corporate promotion by subscribing to our newsletter and download our full Seed Paper Promotions Catalog.


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