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{case study} WoollyHead Handmade Pet Bandanas With Seed Paper Packaging


  • To create sustainable, eco-friendly packaging for a handmade, reclaimed product.

I wanted to keep the reclaimed, earth friendly theme. We’re living in a ‘throw away’ culture. It’s hard to buy something these days which doesn’t contain plastic or some form of unnecessary packaging.

Strategy and Execution

Created by a maker based in Vancouver, BC, WoollyHead sources fabrics from local thrift stores and turns them into adorable bandanas for pets. As a pet owner herself, Lucy saw an opportunity to combine her passion for sewing with her love of animals to create something fun that uses repurposed fabric. And that she did! The unique bandanas are adored by pet owners, and there are tons of unique designs to choose from. You can see dozens of furry friends modeling the accessories on the woollyheadmakes Instagram.

Keen on doing good for the environment, Lucy made it her mission to use only biodegradable packaging and absolutely no plastic. Seed paper belly bands became the perfect addition to wrap around bandanas to give the recipients a little something extra with their purchase. The down-to-earth feeling and recycled nature of plantable paper was the perfect match and a great addition for marketing the bandanas since it is 100% compostable and grows into a colorful blend of wildflowers.

WoollyHead seed paper packaging for pet bandanas


Marketing the bandanas as having an ‘added bonus’ through Etsy, the website, social media and local markets has kept the buyers intrigued and helped brand the product in a unique way. The recipients are thrilled to discover they can plant the seed paper packaging to give back to the Earth and grow wildflowers.

“Botanical Paperworks have helped us add an extra special touch and bit of fun to our brand. Their product is exceptional quality and their customer service is top-notch.

clarkia and snapdragon wildflowers growing from seed paper

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