Celebrating UN World Water Day

Celebrating UN World Water Day

UN World Water Day is coming up soon – March 22 to be exact, and there are lots of things that you can do to celebrate the day. This blog post gives you ideas for celebrating World Water Day as an individual, a family or a school group.

Getting Started – World Water Day

The first place to go for resources and ideas for celebrating World Water Day is to the official website: unwater.org/worldwaterday. This website has TONS of information, including videos and printable resources.

Click on “Campaign Materials” to see all of the videos and educational materials like this printable Water For Food Wall Chart that visually and numerically explains how much water is needed to produce many popular foods:

World Water Day chart

The “How Much Water” game is great for classrooms and non-profit groups, and these desktop wallpapers keep World Water Day top-of-mind throughout March:

World Water Day desktop

World Water Day Promotional Products

Another way to celebrate World Water Day is by handing out promotional products that encourage people to think more about their water consumption. These plantable promotional products do just that with an Earth and waterdroplet design. Every product can be printed with facts and suggestions to get people thinking and talking about water conservation.

And what’s the best way we can celebrate World Water Day? By making changes to our lifestyle like cutting back on wasted food, improving our water management habits and more. Check out this FAQ for more information.

How are you celebrating World Water Day? Please share your ideas in the comment section; we’d love to hear from you!


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