Choosing Supplies for Papermaking

Papermaking is a wonderful craft for anyone to do and allows you to make unique textures, and even add materials such as plants, threads, and bits of fabric giving the paper its own personality.

At Botanical PaperWorks, we make our plantable seed paper with post-consumer material and use the finest papermaking pigments with no additives to maximize germination. To ensure top quality, we have a series of quality control processes from the time we start making the paper, to the finished plantable product.

When choosing supplies for papermaking, one must consider durability and the type of texture the paper will give when it dries. Also ensure that you have a traditional mould and deckle set, along with some various shapes for experimenting. Don't have a professional set? Try stretching pantyhose over a coat hanger or making your own screen using materials from a local craft store. When talking to Heidi and Mary, authors of 300 Papermaking Recipies they gave us a list of some great materials you can use to make your own specialty handmade papers.

  • Unbleached Abaca Pulp
  • Cotton Linters
  • Bleached Hemp Pulp
  • Recycled Paper
  • Moss Pulp
  • Plant Pulp such as Autumn Leaves

You can easily try pigmenting for perminance such as reds, blues, greens, pinks and more to make your own paper one of a kind. Click here to see the colored and petalled paper Botanical PaperWorks offers.

If you are making paper envelopes, to make your paper look really authentic, add a wax seal when enclosing your letter.

The best thing about home papermaking is that it requires very little equipment to produce exquisite results. So try experimenting with these materials listed here and you will be surprised by the amazing results!

Learn more about our plantable seed paper, our pigments and petalled paper.


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