Client Spotlight: Jillian Wright’s New Skincare Collection

We’re excited to announce the release of world-renowned aesthetician Jillian Wright’s new Skincare Collection. Not only is Jillian transforming your skin with her amazing products, she’s doing so without changing the face of the planet. All of Jillian’s packaging is responsibly sourced and can be recycled, and we couldn’t be happier for the chance to have worked on this project with her.

When we were first contacted by Jillian, we were excited at the idea of working with her on her sustainable and 100% eco-friendly packaging. After creating an amazing skincare line with all natural and organic ingredients, we could understand why she wouldn’t want the packaging to end up in landfills. So along with her amber glass jars and recyclable plastics, Jillian chose to use seed paper boxes to package her products. The seed paper boxes are made with 100% recycled materials and embedded with high-quality wildflower seeds. The seed paper can be planted to grow and leave no waste.

Watch the video and watch the boxes transform into flowers:

Watch this great video from Jillian Wright Cosmetics on how you can plant her seed paper packaging to grow beautiful wildflowers.

Click here to watch the Jillian Wright Clinical Skincare – Don’t Throw, Grow and Grow! video

Along the way, as she’s been tirelessly working away on launching this skincare collection, she’s been keeping us updated with gorgeous pictures of the seed paper packaging growing. Have a peak at the new collection and some of the amazing wildflower images Jillian has sent us.

This new skin care line from infamous aesthetician Jillian Wright is amazing, and so is the plantable packaging that she used from Botanical PaperWorks that actually grows flowers and leaves no waste when you plant it.

images: #katrinaeugeniaphotography @katrinaeugenia

If these images and the idea of sustainable packaging that grows is something that would be a great fit for your products and company, contact us. We are always thrilled to work with you on new projects. There are numerous eco-friendly seed paper products for you to choose from. Our experts will also work with you on custom orders, like Jillian’s, to come up with exactly what you need.

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