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{crafts} Plantable Paper Spring Pinwheels

With Spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your home with colorful touches to celebrate the season. While fresh cut flowers are always a beautiful way to add spring vibes to a room, we wanted to get crafty and make something that would last longer, but still capture the essence of the season.

These pinwheels are easy to create and they’re perfect for springtime decoration, parties or as a fun activity!

To add an extra element of fun to this craft project, we used colorful plantable paper which is perfect for spring crafting since you can plant it after to grow wildflowers! It’s a tree-friendly alternative to traditional card stocks and is infused with seeds so it can grow a variety of North American wildflowers when planted in soil. That’s right; you can actually plant this spring decor craft when you’re ready for some new decorative touches. It’s biodegradable, so no waste will be left behind which means you can feel good about reducing paper waste while still enjoying your favorite hobby.

Here’s what you need:

Check out this craft tutorial to make Plantable Spring Pinwheels that will brighten up your home from the season.

Step 1: Select your paper and make sure what you choose is colored on both sides because the front and back will be visible once the pinwheel is complete. We used eco-friendly seed paper.

The plantable paper craft is easy to make and will add spring vibes to your home!

Step 2: Print this PDF template on one side of the paper and using your scissors, cut the paper to the outline. Try to cut just inside the black line so that you don’t see any ink on the finished pinwheels.

The plantable paper craft is easy to make and will add spring vibes to your home!

Step 3: Now that the pinwheel template has been cut out, take one corner of the pinwheel and gently bend it towards the center. Use the rounded edge of a pen or pencil to get the paper to curve smoothly. Repeat with each corner and then take a pin and push it through the corners you have folded over through the center of the pinwheel.

The plantable paper craft is easy to make and will add spring vibes to your home!

Step 4: Push the pin through the straw about one centimeter from the top. Then, carefully bend the pin at the back of the straw so that it is facing downwards. Gently push the sharp end of the pin into the straw to secure it. Adjust the pinwheels to your liking and reshape any areas as needed.

Make these colorful pinwheel paper crafts with plantable seed paper to capture the essence of spring.

And there you have it! A lovely pinwheel that’s perfect for springtime decoration or parties using tree-friendly, biodegradable seed paper. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and for more craft projects be sure to check out these other Crafts & DIY Projects.

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