Creating A Real Life Pinterest Inspiration Board

Creating A Real Life Pinterest Inspiration Board

A Look at How to Make a Home Inspiration Board
From Botanical PaperWorks Designer, Kelly Caruk

If you’re on Pinterest, you know that there is one thing that drives us to pin – INSPIRATION. Whether it’s quotes, home decor, stationery, art prints, or anything else that gets your blood pumping, they all have one thing in common – they inspire us to smile, to try harder and to dream bigger. Each pin is all about creating a vision for yourself and your life.

As a designer here at Botanical PaperWorks, I spend more than my fair share of time on Pinterest – both on and off the clock, so I often come across things I want to capture. The trouble is, what happens to those things after you pin them? They get tucked away in cyber space and you probably rarely go back to look at them. Because let’s face it – when you’re on Pinterest, you’re probably on the hunt for new stuff to collect. So why not create a place for yourself that you can see everyday for those extra special pieces that reflect you and who you want to be? That’s exactly why I wanted to create my very own home inspiration board and share a bit about the process with you.

Find out how to create your own home inspiration board to motivate and inspire you each time you look at it. + BONUS FREE PRINTABLES!

I started by collecting a variety of pieces from multiple sources. I wanted pieces that would look nice together but still reflect different parts of myself. I even printed a few of my favorite personal Instagram photos that bring back certain memories that make me happy. Then I went in search of the perfect board. I was hoping to find a rustic frame at a thrift store that I could attach a foam backing to and cover with fabric, but I happened to find a giant chalkboard with a rustic frame at Winners for only $39 in clearance! I love a good deal so I knew it was the right one.

I used free printables to create my own home inspiration board. Find out more and download some FREE art prints here!

Because my board is a chalkboard, I used sticky tack instead of pins to attach my pieces, which worked great and allowed me to easily shuffle the pieces around into a composition I liked. I then added some clothespins as accents and attached a few flowers to create contrast against the flat paper pieces.

Floral details create contrast on a home inspiration board filled with prints. Learn more and download some FREE printable art prints here!

This home inspiration board included a seed paper calendar accent page that features a beautiful quote. Learn more about how to make one for yourself and download some free printable art prints to include. to

I also decided to incorporate a calendar near the bottom so I can see the date quickly. There are tons of beautiful desktop calendars to choose from out there and you can simply cut out each month. I chose to use my Quotes That Grow Seed Paper Calendar because it features yet another quote that I love and I can plant it after to grow flowers!

Find out how to create your own inspiration board for your home office that will motivate and inspire you each time you look at it. + BONUS FREE PRINTABLES!

Finally, I found the perfect spot to hang it in my home office next to my truly awesome YOU GOT THIS personalized art print. As a designer, I spend of time on my computer so it is the place I need the most inspiration and motivation to create new things.

Here’s a list of a few of the pieces I used in my board and below are a couple free printables I personally designed for this project. I hope you enjoy them!

Follow Your Arrow Free Printable Download – 8×10
Love What You Do and Geometric Heart Free Printable Downloads – 5×7 and 4.75 x 4.75


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