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At Botanical PaperWorks, we have many guiding principles that motivate us to be the best we can as team members, but there is one area that is particularly important to our brand. Customer Focus.

We understand the importance of putting the customer at the centre of all of our efforts. It may be the millionth time you’ve answered the question, but it’s the first time they’ve asked it, is one of our training guidelines that help our representatives relate to the people they are helping.

When it comes to our memorial products department, the Care in Customer Care is an even bigger priority. We understand that these customers are possibly going through one of the most difficult stages of their life and we want to make that moment a little easier in any way that we can.

To share a bit about our seed paper memorial department, we set up a one-on-one with Michelle Manning, Custom Care Team Leader about her thoughts and experiences here at Botanical PaperWorks:

Learn about Botanical PaperWorks Memorial Products in this behind the scenes look at their Customer Care department.

1. Before you started, what did you know about Botanical PaperWorks memorial products?

To be honest, I was not aware of Botanical PaperWorks when my Dad passed away in 2013 (I started here in 2015). Although the cards we had at his funeral were beautiful, I would have loved to have something that was plantable, since he always loved having flowers around. This past summer I planted some of our biodegradable confetti in my flowerbed as a little memorial garden in his memory, as well as in memory of others who I recently lost. The confetti grew into beautiful wildflowers and it is my favourite spot in the garden.

2. Now that you’ve been here a year, what do you love most about helping memorial customers?

I really love having the opportunity to help people when they have questions about our memorial products. We have a great collection of memorial items to choose from on our website. All of them are an incredible way to honor and remember a loved one. Being able to plant a small seed paper shape and watch it grow into wildflowers, in someone’s memory, is really special.

3. How do you feel about helping people during a difficult time?

I don’t get to speak with every customer who orders from our memorial collection. However, I do feel like I can always empathize with them during a very hard time. Everyone here understands that memorial products can be time-sensitive and we all do a great job of getting the items printed, assembled, and ready to ship quickly.

4. What do you find the most rewarding about the job?

I find it rewarding to hear from customers about how everyone at the service loved the cards, or bookmarks, and even well after when I get to hear about how the flowers grew. I recently helped a customer who I spoke with on the phone and by email. She was getting ready to place an order online for memorial cards for her Mom and she had some questions. When talking with her, her story really touched me. A few days after her order had shipped, I received an email from her. She took the time to thank me for helping her through a difficult time. Little things like that mean a lot.

5. If you could offer advice to customers planning a memorial or life celebration what would it be?  

Remember to breathe and know that it’s ok to be sad and grieve. It’s a very difficult thing to plan a service for someone you love, so don’t be afraid to ask for reach out and ask for help when you need it.

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