Design Sponge Soaks up Botanical PaperWorks’ Seed Paper

How wonderful! Trendy and fabulous blog Design Sponge has featured Botanical PaperWorks plantable paper in their DIY plantable love note article. Not just for Valentine’s Day, these plantable love notes are handmade and come from the heart, for the words you write will becoming a blooming memento of your thoughtfulness. These sheets of seed paper are made from post-consumer waste, so they leave no waste, and are carefully embedded with wildflowers, giving the paper elegance along with its eco-friendliness.

Want to make your own eco-beautiful letter? Choose from a variety of different sizes of seed paper along with the many colors of seed paper Botanical PaperWorks offers. Here are the instructions.


  • wildflower seeded paper from Botanical PaperWorks
  • pen or ink of your choice
  • stamp
  • envelope
  • water
  • soil

1. Get you hands on some seed paper — Visit Botanical PaperWorks online. You will be surprised at how many options there are to choose from.

2. Write something personal — a letter, a memory, a secret or even draw a picture just for your special sweetie. You can add a little note inside to let them know that you will plant it together.

3. Put it in the envelope, address and stamp it and send it on its way!

Handmade paper is beautiful, but go beyond the traditional letter and give the gift of flowers with Botanical PaperWorks seed paper. A gift from the heart that truly grows.


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