{DIY Crafts} Festive Seed Paper Flower Wreath

One of our favorite things about the holiday season is adorning our homes with festive decorations, but one of least favorite things is that these decorations can often be wasteful and even harmful to the environment. So, in the spirit of having a GREEN Christmas, we decided to come up with a decor idea that used mostly seed paper so that after the holiday season is over, you can plant the paper to grow wildflowers without creating additional paper waste. With its unique texture, thickness and durability, this handmade paper is perfect for crafts and DIY projects!

Learn how to make this beautiful #DIY holiday wreath out of seed paper flowers for #eco-friendly holiday decor with this helpful tutorial + #freeprintable templates!

With our green idea in a mind, some of the staff here at Botanical PaperWorks decided to get together to share food and drinks while having a crafting party to transform our seed paper into eye-catching flowers. While the possibilities are endless when it comes to the ways you could use these poinsettia-inspired flowers, we used them to make an eco-friendly Christmas wreath and table decorations. To help you make your own, we’re giving you a free printable template that includes different sizes of leaves and flower petals that you simply cut, fold and glue. While you can make this craft on your own, we love the idea of gathering some friends, serving some food and drinks and making it a fun and festive crafting party.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

With a few pieces of #ecofriendly seed paper, you can create your own #DIY Christmas wreath! Take a look at how we did it.

  • Seed Paper – we used a mix of Brick Red and Cream
  • Templates – Printed on seed paper (click here to find out how to print on seed paper).
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Ruler
  • Bone Fold
  • Gold Sticker Paper
  • A Ready To Decorate® Floral & Craft Ring (we used this one from Michael’s)

Making The Flowers

Step 1) Download & Print The Template.
See the bottom right corner of each template to see how many each will print and print as many as you need for your project.

Step 2) Cut & Sort The Flower Shapes
When cutting, try to stay within the black lines so they don’t show up on your flowers. Be sure to separate all of the different sizes of flowers and leaves into different bowls as you cut them so you know what size is for which flower. This will make things the assembling process seamless.

Download this FREE template to get flower petal and leaf shapes to create your own #DIY Christmas Wreath!

Step 3) Fold, Mould & Score
With the small flower petals, use a ruler to line up with the middle of the print out and score it so it will fold easily. With the larger flower, use the bone fold to curve the petals. Keep them sorted into bowls or piles to avoid mixups.

With a few simple steps and our FREE template with leaves and petals, you'll be able to create your own #ecofriendly Christmas Wreath!

Step 4) Arrange Flowers & Begin Gluing
Before you begin gluing the flowers, arrange them so you can get a good idea of how you want your flowers to look. This will help make sure your flowers turn out as pretty as possible! Once you have a general idea of how your flowers will look, you can start gluing seven of the large outer flowers by placing a small amount of hot glue on the bottom and attaching another large leaf so it overlaps about a quarter of the way. Repeat this until you have an even flower. Once that is finished, you can follow the same instructions with five of the smaller bone-folded flower petals. Once this is complete, you can then glue on the middle flower piece in the centre of your flower.

Whether you use it for table decorations or you create a DIY Christmas #Wreath like ours, you'll love crafting these #freeprintables to make gorgeous flowers like these!

Step 5) Decorate The Centre
Using a single hole punch, cut out 5 or 6 circles of gold sticker paper and stick them in the middle of the flower.

Admire Your Work!

Now that you have an assortment of beautiful seed paper flowers, you can stop there and use them as table decor or place them throughout the house on window sills, bookcases and more. They look great along a table runner to add a pop of color!

These #seedpaper flowers can also be used to make beautiful table decorations!

Making The Wreath

This part is EASY! If you and your friends decide to make a wreath with these DIY seed paper flowers, simply glue them onto the base so all of the flowers cover the wood frame. It’s good idea to lay them out on the backer before glueing to make sure they are even.

Beautiful and #ecofriendly, you can make your own DIY Christmas Flower Wreath with our #freeprintable template!

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