DIY Valentine Love Birds Upcycle Craft

Give your kids an eco-friendly surprise this Valentine’s Day by treating them to this Upcycled “Love Birds” Craft made from recycled toilet paper rolls. This craft is easy to make and is perfect for gifting special surprises like heart-shaped eco-confetti, cinnamon hearts and delectable Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses. Your little love birds will be thrilled that they can snack on the tasty treats and plant their confetti pieces and grow wildflowers. Their beautiful blooms will always remind them of the special Valentine’s Day spent with you. This craft can also be done with your kids and can be given as gifts for their friends, classmates or family members for birthdays and other special occasions. To make it more eco-friendly and sustainable, you could be extra crafty and make the entire thing out of sheets of different colored seed paper!

These Upcycled DIY Love Birds Craft will be the perfect eco-friendly present for your kids this Valentine’s Day!

All it takes is a few simple things like a toilet paper roll, construction paper, jiggly eyes, seed paper confetti & Hershey's Hugs and Kisses to make these Upcycled Love Birds.

Here’s what you need:

All it takes is a few simple steps to create these adorable Love Birds upcycle crafts for Valentines Day!

1) Glue a piece of construction paper around your toilet paper roll, as well as a small circle to cover the bottom of the hole. We wouldn’t want any of those tasty treats or confetti pieces falling out!

2) Cut out small pieces of construction paper for the birds belly, feet, eyes, beak and wings and glue them onto the roll. The colours you choose depend on what kind of bird you want to make.

3) Glue the jiggly eyes onto the white circles in the places of eyes.

4) Gently pull and bend the paper wings away from the roll as much as possible so they’re brought out.

Simply cave in the tops of the construction-paper covered toilet paper rolls and you've got the perfect space for plantable confetti and chocolate treats!

5) Open up the tops of the ears and place the seed paper confetti, chocolates, cinnamon hearts or whichever kind of candy and treats your kids prefer inside of the roll.

6) After you’ve inserted all of the treats into the toilet paper roll, close the top again and pinch the ears together.

Your kids will love opening these Upcycled Love Bird Valentine Crafts to find plantable Heart Shaped Confetti pieces and Hershey's Hugs & Kisses!

When Valentine’s Day arrives, your kids will be so excited to open up these Love Birds and find an array of surprises and treats waiting inside! This craft is as fun as it is eco-friendly, and it’s something they’ll be sure to remember. For more Valentine’s Day inspiration, take a look at this FREE Printable for Kids Valentine Eco-Monster Stickers and Wrapping Paper.

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