Earth Day tree planting, painting and neighborhood cleanup activities

Earth Day Activities For Schools, Workplaces, And At Home

Earth Day activities for schools:

  1. Start a composting experiment: Teach kids about the importance of composting in a fun way with something like this Sandwich Bag Compost idea.
  2. Make a seed paper craft and plant it: Seed paper is made from recycled materials and is embedded with wildflower seeds so it will grow habitats for pollinators. Kids will love drawing on it or making something like these colorful seed paper pinwheels.
  3. Create artwork with nature elements: Collect leaves, stems, grass, and twigs to create a work of art that is nature approved!
  4. Earth Day scavenger hunt: Get the kids outside looking for a list of natural things such as acorns, clovers, or pinecones.
  5. Make a recycling game: Teach kids how to properly recycle and why it is important with a sorting game, so they’ll know what goes where.

a young woman planting a tree

Earth Day activities for workplaces:

  1. Plant trees: Gather your team and take part in a local tree planting initiative, or order in saplings so employees can each take one home to plant in their yards. Not only will this help create clean air, but it will also help provide homes for birds and other wildlife.
  2. Organize a community cleanup: Many cities already have community cleanup initiatives in place so that you can easily get your team involved. All you have to do is pick up supplies and get everyone outside to start picking litter.
  3. Go on a team nature walk: Get the team together for a small hike so they can connect with nature. Getting outside and admiring the Earth is a great reminder of why protecting the planet is so important, as well as good for stress and overall mood.
  4. Host a meatless BBQ: “Avoiding meat and dairy is the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth” (SOURCE). Promote ways to reduce meat consumption with an educational event that serves up tasty alternatives.
  5. Kick off a green initiative: Whether it’s a new composting program or a green commuter plan, Earth Day is a great day to kick things off and encourage your staff to get involved.

a young boy picking up garbage

Earth Day activities for home:

  1. Make a DIY butterfly feeder: Get crafty with the kids and upcycle an old wine bottle into a pretty DIY butterfly feeder.
  2. Plant wildflowers for pollinators: Honeybees play an important role in the health of the natural eco-system but populations are declining at an alarming rate. By planting a wildflower garden, you’ll be helping to create habitats for them. Plant seed paper confetti or these Earth Day seed bombs to make it fun for the kids.
  3. Collect items to donate or host a clothing swap: Giving gently-used items a second life in a new home is a great way to extend their life and help reduce the need to buy everything brand new.
  4. Clean up your neighborhood: Arm your family with litter picking sticks, gloves, and trash bags to collect litter in your neighborhood on April 22nd. Not only are you doing something good for your community, but you’ll also remind yourselves and others to think twice before tossing garbage where it doesn’t belong. 
  5. Create a composting system: If you don’t already have one in place, Earth Day is a great deadline to set for yourself to get started. Take a look at this Composting 101 Infographic with Free Printable to learn how.

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