Earth Day Seed Paper Promotional Product

Earth Day Idea Shown On 3 Different Seed Paper Promotional Products

Every April 22nd, Earth Day brings people from all across the globe together to spread awareness about important environmental issues and encourage simple actions we can all take towards a greener future. It’s the perfect time for green businesses to stand up and share a positive message that they believe in being a part of the movement.

There are so many great ways to get involved, from hosting or sponsoring an event to community clean-ups or green commute days, you won’t have to look far to get ideas. But one of the easiest ways is sharing something people can plant.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn

The very act of planting something in the soil gives people a chance to connect with the Earth. What is a simple seed today, will sprout and grow as a symbol that your actions today have an impact on what happens tomorrow.

With seed paper promotional products, you can share a symbolic message along with your logo and artwork of your choice printed on biodegradable paper that grows plants such as wildflowers. Not only does this promote a positive message about reducing waste, but it will also help important pollinators such as declining honeybee populations by growing habitats.

To get your ideas growing, we designed this fun promotion that features the word EARTH with green living practices assigned to every letter so they are easy to remember.

Energy Awareness
Always Recycle
Reduce & Reuse
Think Green
Help Spread the Word
(& Wildflowers!)

As the recipient plants the seed paper piece in soil, they’ll be reminded of how important it is to take on these everyday practices and that they too can have an impact.

Customize your Earth Day ideas for a variety of seed paper products.

Take a look at how this design works on 3 different popular seed paper promotions:

Seed Paper Circle Coaster | As low as $0.88 each

Take a look at how you can customize your Earth Day ideas for a variety of seed paper products.
Seed Paper Coasters aren’t just used for table tops, they also make great handouts. With a unique design like this Earth Day idea, you can turn them into a promotional product that is educational and fun!

Seed Paper Folded Business Card | Starting at $0.76 each

Take a look at this unique Earth day idea for seed paper promotional products.
Seed Paper Folded Business Cards are excellent for delivering mini-campaign messages in a way that is interactive and eco-friendly. With 4 panels for design creativity, you’ll be able to create something unique and interesting.

Seed Paper Panel Card | As low as $0.82 each

Get your Earth Day message our there and take a look at this fun idea shown on 3 different seed paper promotional products
Seed Paper Panel Cards are great for fitting in more content. Available in a wide variety of sizes, you can get as much or as little space as your custom Earth Day message requires.

Are you ready to PLANT for the PLANET this Earth Day?

Take a look at this Idea Book that will help you GROW some ideas for you or your clients. From Conservation Promotions to Seed Bombs, Planting Flags and so much more, you’ll find tons of green ideas in this e-booklet.


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